Day 1 – Krazy Burgers Restaurant Balloon Sculpting

Hello everyone! I’m back with more exciting and juicy updates! Previous week I was hired by this famous restaurant in Singapore, Krazy Burgers! I was hired to be at the MBS outlet where there are many people dining. I was really honored and anxious as this is the first time I am doing at a restaurant. But of course, everything went well! And I forgot to mention, the food there was delicious! :O

It was not the usual queue that I do at birthday parties, but its a table-to-table kind of thing. And it’s a bit tight because I’m carrying a big balloon bag, a filbert pump and a basket to hold all my inflated balloons, and there’s also a lot of waitress walking back and forth, it’s a bit difficult for me. But I’m glad that I am still able to finish everything. And it’s also a challenge for me. As customers will request for really amazing and different request that I don’t usually get when I am doing parties.

Look at the images below for some examples!

Run a business? Opening of a new business? Want to attract crowds? Hire a balloon sculptor! You’re sure to attract more customers and they would be like, “Hey what’s going on there? Why is there so much people?” and people will naturally come and find out what’s happening.


Artsyballoons Video

Hello everyone!

I’m here to show you guys my new video!

Click on the link above to watch the video at youtube!

This video features me doing balloon sculpting events and teaching balloon sculpting workshop. Watch it and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

Maybe you could also tell me how’s the video and is there any rooms for improvement, or even what videos I should be doing next time!


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