Elsa Frozen Themed Backdrop With Character Cutout

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Imagine entering a space filled with vibrant balloons and noticing, upon closer inspection, that each one is designed like Elsa from the animated film Frozen. Elsa balloon decor works its magic in this way, bringing life to every birthday celebration!

That is what we did for our client for a joined birthday party celebration for her and her daughter!

First we started with a concept, and they went ahead with Frozen. And I start to do mock up for her! Here’s some examples!

I started with these 2 designs, and my client started to add on her own flair!

And after a few days, we finally finalized on a design, and we even added Olaf and Anna into the balloon backdrop!

I had so much fun working on this project as this a joined birthday party between mother and daughter and it’s really cute and precious that they both love Elsa from Frozen!

Thank you so much for entrusting this project to me! And I’m glad that you had a blast and had so much fun taking cute photos with the backdrop with your family and friends!

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