Balloon Sculpting service (Singapore)

Balloon Sculpting Singapore for birthday parties and events
Balloon Sculpting Singapore for birthday parties and events
Balloon Sculpting Singapore for birthday parties and events
Balloon Sculpting Singapore for birthday parties and events

There are tens to hundreds of different packages the market offers for balloon sculpting services in Singapore. There are balloonists dressed in clown costumes, jester costumes and other sorts of colourful costumes. Read up more on the history of balloon sculpting in Singapore.

In Artsy balloons, we believe in delivering ourselves to our customers as balloon artists. Therefore we will dress outstanding, professionally with a vest or coat, but not in fancy costumes. Balloon sculptures which our artists sculpt are of high standard, and we use only high-quality balloons in our balloon sculpting programs and packages. Presenting to you the 3 packages we offer for all our clients:

Artsy Advance Balloon Sculpting Service

Advance balloons for the guests, an ultimate special balloon for the birthday child!

$180 for the first hour, $120 for every subsequent hour

Imagine having a balloon artist who not only fascinates the children but also amazes the adults.

Imagine having someone who can impress your family and friends!

 Ouji, Artsyballoon’s main balloon sculptor would be there for your event to make everything possible!! Twisting at an impressive speed and accuracy, each balloon you receive will be an art, a masterpiece. Witness Mr Ouji with your very own eyes, and bring his balloon art home today!

This package is perfect for kids and adults who LOVES balloons.

Artsy Balloon Basic Sculpting Service

$120 for the first hour, $100 for every subsequent hour

Balloon Sculpting for Birthday Parties
Simple swords, guns and animals

A basic balloon sculpting service package, but impressive speed at work! Our professional balloon artist would be there at your party, presenting only the best quality balloons for your event/party.  1 – 2 balloon sculptures would be made, such as balloon sword, gun, plane or dog. No complex/cartoon characters would be made. This is to ensure the efficiency and ability to create as much balloon sculptures as possible for your clients and guests.

Perfect for community centres, charity road shows and events with high traffic crowd.

Artsyballoon Cartoon Balloon Twisting

$250 for the first hour, $200 for every subsequent hour


Cartoon Balloon twisting is a premium package for the EXTREME-BALLOON-LOVERS!

This is the most advance package we have, because we will do ANYTHING the kids request, and we can also suit the theme that you’re having. Pardon us for only allowing 10 balloons to be done within an hour, because every of these balloon sculptures we are presenting takes us nearly 10 minutes in the making.

Our professional balloon artist will come with an assistant to ensure speed with quality. Not forget to mention that everyone of these sculptures will be presented and contained in a high quality clear bag custom to prevent balloon oxidization.

These are the 3 balloon sculpting packages we offer for our clients. Check out our balloon decoration packages too! Thank you so much for reading through the page, we hope to see you soon at your event!

Pictures of our balloon sculpting events!

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to engage the simple balloon sculpting artist for 120 pax of 2 sessions for a children’s day event.

    Can you advise on the during per session?

    Thanks much

  2. Hi, I’d like to have a Messi sculptured balloon. I have a picture to share, however, I cant attach a picture here.

    1. Hello! It starts from $300 onwards! And will increase depending on size and design. Best if you can let me know your theme and budget and pictures of your venue. So I can plan for you! 😀

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