Face Painting (Singapore)

Professional face-painting service for events and birthday party

Our professional face painters transforms your guests into any characters they want. The face-paints we use are from TAG BODY ART. These are top grade and non-toxic face-paints which professionals from all over the world use. Our artists are also well trained to paint with speed and produces absolutely amazing designs.

First hour at $150, subsequent hour(s) at $100 only! Professional facepainter (3)

Glitter Tattoo Art (for children)

We use only professional stencils and multi-coloured skin-friendly glitters to do our tattoo. With over 30 different designs to choose from, your clients and/or guests will bring home a memorable “tattoo” with lots of fun! This service is highly recommended for any children party as well as company gatherings. Speed is the plus point of this service. Unlike balloon sculptures, face-painting and some other form of fringe activities which requires longer time for the artist to craft their art, glitter tattoo service is very fast!

First hour at $150, subsequent hour(s) at $100 only!

glitter tatoo service singapore

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