Balloon Columns for corporate dinner and dance

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Thanks for reading my blog again! So today was pretty chill. Did a pair of balloon columns only. And below is the end product! 

It’s been such a long time I’ve did such a simple decoration and it really does bring back a lot of memories. 

Like when I first started my balloon decorations company, I was struggling to do as nice as possible. When I see the sizing of the round balloons are wrong, I would burst them away and replace them with a new one. 

And attaching the foil to the balloons are so difficult too! Because they are so huge, so it’s a bit hard to maneuver around to tie them in. (Without the fear of bursting too) 

So yeah, it’s not easy to do all these balloon decorations, all you guys see are the end product or just the time lapses of the process. But every twist, tie or turns actually takes a load of practice to master.

But now very, very glad to have the luxury of using a $1000+ electronic balloon inflator, and all the professional tools and balloon equipments to make my life so much easier. Which I wasn’t about to in the past. 

Alright, thanks for reading and have a good night! Tomorrow I’ll be doing a balloon arch for Eastpoint shopping mall. Check it out! 

Balloon decorations for Lego Singapore, Singhub

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Lego Singapore!

Thank you so much for having us for the second time! We really had fun doing all these awesome sculptures! (without the risk of getting sued of copyright infringement of course.. haha..)

And here’s what I’ve done! Check out the pictures below!

I also used a new technique for the balloon backdrop that made the size super duper accurate! And of course with the help of my new $1000+ balloon electronic pump (I’m not joking about the price) the balloons are extremely well sized! Loving it!

My favourite sculptures in the picture is the buzz lightyear and the green alien!

Once again, thank you so so so much to Lego for having us again! We really hope to see you again next year!
Aright! Hope you guys enjoyed what I’ve done! See you tomorrow!

One year pre-booking for balloon decoration?

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First of all a BIG Shout-Out to Xue Yu,

and it has been almost a year and i just realize you posted a review on Artsy Balloons! Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your husband soon!

artsyballoons testimonial.png

So recently i am super busy with mall projects and balloon decors for parties. Here is one of my recent artwork, a Safari Theme Balloon Display.


The next decor is one decor to remember for a long long time! Not because of the design or venue. But because the client booked me almost a year ago for this!!! How cool is that?

One year pre-booking, SINCERELY THANKS A LOT for the TRUST!


Wedding Decor using balloons | Balloon Decoration ideas

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Looking for some extra ideas to spice up or doll up your wedding venue? These are some ideas you can incorporate into your wedding, using balloons.

Table centrepieces, a wedding bride and groom balloon sculpture:

balloon wedding decoration.jpg

Wedding proposal in a hotel room:


A grand ballroom Entrance Balloon Arch:


Balloon Drop for Wedding Party. Watch all the guests dance and have fun!


Helium Balloon Centrepieces arrangement:


Outdoor Giant 36 inch helium balloon Decoration


Here’s a video we did to let you have more ideas on balloon decorations for your wedding or even other events.

For more wedding decorations, prices and portfolio, do visit: 

Mermaid Balloon Sculpture

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Say hi to my little mermaid! She has a pink tail and a golden crown.

View more of my balloon sculpture designs here:

Hello Everyone, It’s Q4

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Hi everyone, it’s the last quarter of the year, and this year passed pretty fast! So basically the entire year since january was pretty fruitful. September, November and December is going to be crazily busy. The team and i have got several shopping mall balloon decoration projects on hand. And we will also be very busy organizing and doing event planning for corporate companies and community centre clients.

balloon doll decoration

I will surely keep everyone updated on the upcoming balloon decoration projects. Til next time and signing off!

Wedding balloon decorations – Heart shape balloon arch 

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I was hired by Tiffany from Mediacom to create a balloon arch for her client. And the images above are the completed work! 

I had a time lapse of the arch. I’ll post it soon. And boy it’s hard to do this arch. Haha. 

And this video below is how it looks like when you’re walking towards it. It’s amazing how it attractive it is from afar.🙂

Alright guys, more wedding related stuff can be seen here, click the link below to go!
And do you know that I create you out of balloons? 

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