Popping popcorn balloon arch!

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This balloon arch is perfect for carnival and popcorn themed parties. 

My good friend, Norvin helped me out with this popcorn arch. And it really looked awesome. love the popcorn popping out of the boards. haha!

I’m designing a new board for the popcorn arch. will update you guys if there’s someone getting this arch again. as printing the boards will cost almost $300+. 

bye guys!😀

Here’s a very nice popcorn arch design from www.jocelynballoons.com

check it out!😀

They’re ready for party!

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Just finished my last session with my 2 talented students, Jackie and Alice. and this is our group photo!

They’ve attended my $350 for 3 session workshop and there’s a few updates to the workshop that I wish to talk about. 

  • YouTube replays. So every session will be filmed down, and will up uploaded to a unlisted play list. so all my current, previous and future students and graduates alike can tap on all the videos. 
  • from 4 lessons to 3 lessons. so for my pioneer students, there should be 4 classes. but right now it has been reduced to 3 instead. due to feedback. I too agree that 3 is a more optimised schedule to full absorb all the things taught. 

Once again, thank you Alice and Jackie for your support. hope that you can use these basic balloon sculpting skills that you’ve learnt and further learn more balloon art.

bye guys!

Huge balloon monkey for Chingay Singapore!

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Hello guys! Welcome welcome, so the first picture you see is a head of the balloon monkey, remember this scale right now! (it’s around 5/7 of my whole height)
So later you’re able to imagine the total height of the monkey!

balloon monkey Chingay at Sembawang singapore

So I’ve completed the entire monkey sculpture, but look at the crowds!

Chingay at Sembawang singapore

I think there’s like 1000+ people at the venue. Wow.

Huge balloon monkey balloon sculpture

Tadah! Here’s my monkey, it’s pretty impressive for it’s height. Is it a boy or a girl monkey? I’m not sure as well, didn’t really decide a gender to it when I was creating it. haha!

balloon monkey Chingay at Sembawang singapore

So here’s in it “scary monkey form” Ready for halloween as well!


Here’s halfway of the huge balloon monkey balloon sculpture! Boy this got to be one of the most intense balloon decorations I’ve did in a long time! ouji-climbing-up-a-very-tall-ladder-to-fix-the-monkey.jpg.jpeg

I mean, look at the size of it! I still have to climb a 4m tall ladder to fix and secure the entire monkey. haha!

But nonetheless, it was extreme fun and satisfying, it’s been a great balloon decoration challenge and I’m happy that all the Sembawang residence loved it! Including the PA organisers! Thanks for trusting this project to me!

Monkey balloon sculpture says bye!


Balloon decorations for bebe magazine!

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Hello strangers! Welcome to my blog once again. Today I want to talk about a decoration that I did for bebe!
So they are a local magazine company that they were having a cute baby event! So I was there to set up some balloon decorations!


So we did the logo out of balloons! Thankfully it’s pretty easy to do. haha!


So there’s also animal themed balloon tied all over the restaurant.


This is a customised baby themed low balloon backdrop. That’s mean for parents and their child to stand behind it and take photo with it.


Close up with my balloon sculptures!


Cute balloon babies! Maybe I should give them clothes new time. haha!


And this is what you’ll see when you reach the venue. The white arch and a logo at the top of the arch, there’s no way you can miss this event venue.

Zhongyu doing balloons

There’s also balloon sculpting by one of my main balloon artists, Zhongyu!😀

Bebe_Magazine Artsyballoon sponsor ship
Thank you for featuring me on your magazine and as your sponsors! Thanks for having me!

Alright guys! That’s all for today! I shall share more soon! Bye!

I’ve finally found a way to preserve memories from your next event..

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The answer is pretty simple, you capture the moment and you print it our instantly, or even multiple times for multiple times and everyone get to keep theirs..

The answer is..


Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (2)

The best way possible, and everyone gets to have fun by posing with props!

Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (4)Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (3)

And if you’re busy with your event, we will leave the printed pictures on the table for you!

Instant photography photobooth for events and parties

And you can bring it home, frame it up, keep it in your diary, show it off to your friends or toss it away, it up to you!

Check out https://artsyballoons.com/instant-photobooth/ All prices and stuffs are there. Goodnights!

Balloon orders for a sweet 18th birthday (gift from her mummy)

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Hello guys! Few weeks ago I had a very special balloon order for a 18th year old birthday. It consists of a balloon baby + a bouquet of flowers + a balloon birthday cake (going to burst it maybe? haha)

So the pictures are above, the most difficult one for me was the cake, as it was my first time doing it. Not too shabby I would say. Used 260s long balloons to weave out the cake, and used 160s for the numbers “18” on the cake. Awesome!

The baby was a surprise for me on the other hand, as it’s a birthday balloon decorations for 18th year old, so a baby was quite unrelated! But it was a gift from her mother to her, so I guess to her mum she will always be her baby. Aww.

Congratulations to your 18th birthday! Here’s wishing you all the best luck and positivity in the world to you!

Throwback too all my best balloon sculpting events for events and parties

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Hello everybody!

Today’s post is a little bit different, this post is to showcase events for balloon sculpting that I’ve done for the past few years.
And here all the best that I’ve done. enjoy guys.😉

For more information on balloon sculpting, please visit https://artsyballoons.com/balloon-sculpting-service-singapore/


Goodbye guys!😀