Mickey Mouse balloon arch!

Hello! Today I wish to share my Mickey mouse balloon arch that I did for a charity event!

I really like the proportion of the ears to the entire arch. It’s super cute!

Also.if you have a event that you wish to decorate, like the entrance, the stage or anywhere! Feel free to contact me!

WhatsApp – 96779426

Email – Ouji.artsy@gmail.com

Thank you so much and here’s wishing a good day to you! 🙂

Balloon ballerina sculpture!

Hello! Just wanted to share one of my proudest creations! A balloon ballerina!

It took me almost 2 hours to complete this sculpture but it’s worth the time!

If you have a event and wish to customise a balloon, feel free to contact me!

WhatsApp – 9677 9426

Email – Ouji.artsy@gmail.com

I can make anything out of balloons!

Underwater themed balloon arch for MBS!

Hello everybody! So recently I was being hired to do underwater themed balloon arch

It is one of the largest I’ve ever done before!
And this is how it looks like with all the balloon sea creatures!
Balloon clams! Or are they seashells?
This is one of my favorite part of the balloon decoration
And here is some balloon seaweed to go with it!

Animal themed balloon backdrop!

I really think this is one of our most popular animal backdrop.

  • 2 large trees to isolate the sides
  • 2 cute and tall giraffes
  • Bunch of cute animals all around
  • Flowers and sunflowers all around
  • And your birthday boy or girl in the middle!

Just sharing with you guys! Hope you guys liked it!