Setting up balloon columns for Daiso company Dinner and Dance

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Hello everybody! Today I have a event at Resort World Sentosa’s West ballroom! Where I’m hired to construct 6 advance balloon columns for their walk in balloon decorations 

Took around 2 hours to finish all 6 balloon columns. Pretty tiring! 

Hope all the employees from Daiso will have a awesome and fun day today!

Balloon sculpting workshop for Paradise Group Singapore!

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I was hired to do a team building workshop for Paradise Group Singapore and it was awesome! They are such a wonderful and fun bunch to be teaching!

check out my page for more information on my balloon workshop!

I teach for individual, advanced classes and even team building!


Balloon sculpting & low balloon backdrop @ Mindchamps Singapore

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Hello, guys! Welcome to my blog once again!
Today I wish to share with you what I’ve done for a little girl’s birthday @ Mindchamps Singapore!

First off, the picture above I’ve done a low balloon backdrop for the front of the cake cutting table! Pretty awesome! Flows with the cake design!

And after the decorations, I am also hired to do balloon sculptures for the lovely children! And that’s it for the day! I’m always happy to do what I love and even happier when I’m able to make others happy when I’m able to!

Have a great week ahead! 😀

2D flat jumbo balloon heart display

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Woah, this gotta be one of the hugest balloon heart that I’ve ever done before!

So I was engaged to create a balloon heart for a company talk (very important event)
And they wanted a huge and flat balloon heart and I thought of this technique! Pretty awesome!

So that’s my wife for scale, and you can see this heart is at least 2 meters tall!

My client was super pleased with it! So is all the guest! Great to hear that as usual! 😀

Balloon princess for a private birthday party @ China Club

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hello everybody! I recently did a party decoration for a pair of twins! And it was perfect!

They were born in the year of the rabbit, and the mummy loves my balloon princess, so I suggested these 2 princess at the sides of the cake cutting table and both them hugging a balloon rabbit!

And the first picture is me scaled to the balloon princess!

Hope you enjoyed my artwork and creation! Have a great day! 😀

Happy birthday Jenelle! Underwater birthday party at Aquarius 

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Can you see the mermaid?

Can you see the balloon display that I did for the dessert table? 😀

Don’t they look so happy and love it when the colour is so vibrant!

Tadah! Here’s the mermaid! Pretty isn’t it? 

My wife from Jocelynballoons is so talented!

Hare’s s the display with my wife! 😀 

Park Bo Gum fan meeting in Singapore! – I did a balloon sculpture of him!

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Does it look like him? Haha, of course not yet. Because it’s not completed yet. But this is inspired by one of his drama! 

Here’s the reference photo! 

I’ve also printed a small A4 size paper, attached to the hand! 

Here’s the completed one without the hands! Didn’t take photo because I thought I could take it when I’m here. But sadly it’s so hectic there it wasn’t able to take a photo. 😦