Wedding balloon decorations – Heart shape balloon arch 

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I was hired by Tiffany from Mediacom to create a balloon arch for her client. And the images above are the completed work! 

I had a time lapse of the arch. I’ll post it soon. And boy it’s hard to do this arch. Haha. 

And this video below is how it looks like when you’re walking towards it. It’s amazing how it attractive it is from afar.:)

Alright guys, more wedding related stuff can be seen here, click the link below to go!
And do you know that I create you out of balloons? 

Click here to find out how! 

Cherrelle’s 1st Birthday

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Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

We did a short video about our balloon backdrop decoration, and several helium balloon bouquets. Here’s the video, Enjoy!

Once again, Happy 1st Birthday Cherrelle!

Helium balloon decorations

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Just a quick update! Just finished a helium balloon decorations for a company long service award prize giveaway! Awesome theme and colour combination for their corporate colours. Thanks for having me guys!

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Hello guys!

Recently I was invited to a local junior college that’s holding a science fair in the east side of Singapore, and I’m very honoured to be part of this activity! So this year they’re not holding a 100% science fair, but also letting some of the nearby primary school students enjoy and learn some other activities as well!

I really want to say that they’re all very talented and great listeners, they learn and twist really fast, and for some they’re progressing slower, their friends would help them out! That’s what I like about my workshop, it’s team building and a great skill learnt at the same time!

Dedicated to all the selfless nurses in the world

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Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture

Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.

-Val Saintsbury

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (6)

So I was invited to ITE nurse day celebration and I’m very honoured to be the one setting up the nurse balloon human sculpture for their stage presentation.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (5)
I did 2 nurses for them, so there’s decorations on both sides of the stage.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (4)

Here’s a nurse saying hello!

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (3)

There’s also a balloon column at the back of the nurse to add colour and volume to it.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (2)

Thanks for reading!😀


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USA colour theme balloon photoframe backdrop

Hello guys! I recently did a balloon job for a company and they’re having a USA themed party. It was a new balloon decoration themed that I’ve never did before. So it was a pretty good challenge.

USA america themed balloon backdrop with eagles, america flag and statue of liberty1

This is the end product! I’m really really pleased with the outcome.

USA america themed balloon backdrop with eagles, america flag and statue of liberty

Here’s how it looks without anybody standing behind. Balloon decorations are one of the best way to decorate a place, and this photoframe style is very suitable for keeping a precious memory.

Statue of liberty balloon sculpture by artsyballoons

Statue of Liberty! This time I decided to go for a cute look for it, as I searched online, most of them are serious looking. Let me know if you guys liked it!

Red, blue and white themed balloon photobooth backdrop
This is what I started off with, just the round balloons.

Eagle balloon sculpture with ballloon america flag by artsyballoons Eagle balloon sculpture by artsyballoons

Awesome looking balloon Eagle sculpture.😀

Alright, thanks for today! Bye!