A quick recent update of what Artsyballoons have been doing!

Hello everyone that’s reading this! I’m back here to update this website!

Recently I’ve taught a group of students workshop, did a lot of sculpting at parties and events and a few balloon decorations.

First, I’ll like to share with you my balloon workshop.

It was a workshop of 25 people. If I’m not wrong? And I can tell you, they were super fast learners. WIthin 1hour 30mins, they learnt a sword, dog, flower, heart and ALMOST a bear. WOW right?

And throughout the workshop, they were enthusiastic, engaging and more than willing to learn. And that’s what made them such great learners.

Here’s some photos. 😀

Also, there’s a balloon sculpting event at East Coast Park, and I’m there for 2 hours! Happily under the hot sun and under the sheltered tent with lots of young and energetic runners!

Here’s some photos during the event as well! 😀

And to end off, a party at Kid’s Amaze!

kids amaze

Didn’t take much photos, as the kids were enjoying the balloons so much! But I can say I really enjoyed my time there, doing balloons for all the happy and excited kids there.

Alright! That’s all for now! I shall update more out the upcoming events and events I’ve done! See you at your next party!

A pair of large balloon bear sculpture!


Usually we would do human balloon wedding couple. But this time we got a different request. Balloon wedding bears! A really cute and interesting request we got. But we accepted this challenge and made it out for our client!


This design is simple. And not to mention that it’s really cute!

Before I started to even how to sculpt balloons. I could never imagine that I could ever do such large and elaborate sculptures. But now I am really glad that I can create balloon sculpture of almost anything and make my clients happy and satisfied.


And everyday is a challenge as well. Everytime, someone at birthday parties would request for weird stuff that I’ve not done before. But I’ll try my best to make it as identical as possible. Everytime my client wants some really creative ideas for a decoration that I’ve never done before, I’ve to brainstorm for ideas and techniques to make it as identical and beautiful as possible.

I’m happy that my client I could make my clients happy and I’m happy that I’ve learn balloon sculpting. Life will always be good if there’s balloons for me!

I hope there will be more enquiries. Because it mean that there will be more challenges! 

Happy sculpting! *burst*