Underwater themed balloon decorations for birthday parties and events!


Hello! here are some images that I’ve done for a church event for Thatballoons, so the client wanted an underwater themed balloon arch, and here’s what we did! If you can see the full arch that I’ve done, there’s seashells, crabs, fishes, anchor, and chains. And what I really love about this design is the seashells.


Here’s what I’ve done for another event! Where my client, PartyMojo, wanted underwater themed balloon centerpieces. The kids were trilled to see these on the table! There are crabs, lobsters, mermaid, seaweed, and turtles! And it really makes the whole party very underwater themed!

And here’s what I wish to share today for my underwater themed balloon sculptures and decorations ideas! Thank you so much for reading!

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Balloon decorations for NTU School of EEE


Thanks for reading. 🙂

I was hired by NTU school of EEE to do up a balloon arch to welcome the students to their grand opening of the iHub!
And it’s a really awesome room with lots of computers and high tech stuff.

There’s even lion dance and many other activities! But the pictures above are what I’ve done for them!

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Grand opening balloon decorations for Jollibee

balloon arch decorations for jollibee (2)
We’re honoured to be hired by Jollibee to create balloons arches and balloon columns for their grand opening!

We did balloon arches, balloon columns and tie some flower balloons around the venue! And the managers are very pleased with the decorations! As it really brings out the Jollibee colours!

The arch was the best as everyone felt welcomed when they entered the restaurant and it really attracted a lot of people! You can see the top picture that the queue extended all the way outside!

Overall, I’m very glad that I’m able to help them with their decorations again for the third time! Thank you for always trusting me with your grand events and important occasions!

Geoffery Giraffe balloon arch for Toys’R’us grand opening @ Vivocity Singapore!

I was hired by Toys’R’us to do up a entrance arch for their grand opening at Vivocity! congratulations Toys’R’us!

But sadly this is how the arch looks like now (after 6 days) the arms and legs are destroyed and all the alphabets are missing! I wonder who loves my balloons so much. Haha!

Here’s a close up of the alphabets! this was alp tough balloon decoration to do as all the alphabets are sculpted scale to the real logo! 

And this is just the head! it looks really cute up close. 

Alright, that’s the end of this post! there will be more upcoming at Sunplaza Shopping mall! as I’ll be there from 21st – 23rs doing a major set up for christmas! update more on my FB page and instagram page! 

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6 balloon arches for Lovorth Events!



hey guys! recently I was engaged to do 6 balloon arch! and it was crazy as 1 arch is actually pretty tiring and we did 6 in total! so the picture above was all the arches and we place them next to each other to create a balloon arch tunnel. perfect for photography!

so here are the combinations that we’ve did!

Red and yellow spiral balloon arch decoration

Red and yellow spiral balloon arch decoration


purple and pink spiral balloon arch decoration


blue and purple  spiral balloon arch decoration


pink and yellow  spiral balloon arch decoration


green and orange  spiral balloon arch decoration


blue and green spiral balloon arch decoration

wanna see how we did it? check out this video below!

Time lapse of creating the 6 balloon arches!


final shot of the 6 balloon arches. 🙂

Rainbow balloon arch and columns

Hello guys! So I’m back from Thailand and when I was away, I’ve Norvin from http://www.mrpolkamagic.com/ And I must say he did a excellent job!

And thankfully the client was happy as well. Everything went smoothly because of Norvin. Thumb up to you! And thank you!

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