Toy Story Themed Balloon Decorations

Hello everybody!

Recently I was hired to do a company dinner! And the theme is Toy Story!

I love this theme because of how unique the characters are!

And it’s very challenging to create these characters too!

Buzz lightyear balloon sculpture
Buzz lightyear balloon sculpture

This is one of my favourite characters to do because it’s very recognizable even it’s done using balloon techniques!

And I can use my transparent balloons to create his clear head cover of his suit! Love it!

Woody toy Story balloon sculpture
Woody toy Story balloon sculpture

Here’s another interesting character that I love! A toy cowboy! And can you see his elongated face?

It’s made using a very special balloon technique called “Distortion”.

Which is using balloons stuffing inside another balloon to create a special shape that cannot be bought anywhere!

Toy Story balloon arch
Toy Story balloon arch

Here’s how it all looks like when placed together!

Did you spot another character from Toy Story? *hint, its green colour*

Toy story balloon decorations
Toy story balloon decorations

That’s how it looks like when its placed at the entrance! And there are so many people taking photos with the arch, they love it!

And I’m glad that they do!

Are you interested in getting customised balloon decorations for your event?

Something like this Toy Story balloon arch?

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Balloon Decoration for IB Singapore

Hello everyone!

So I recently just did a balloon decorations for IB Singapore! and it was really very fun! The people really loved the balloon decorations and kept taking photos of it! I’m really very proud of what I’ve created! Here’s the picture of the balloon decorations that I’ve done!

So I’ve created a very huge IB balloon sculpture as part of their balloon decorations! And also one huge organic balloon backdrop for their photo taking!

And for their entrance balloon decoration, I’ve created a balloon arch! It’s the best way to welcome them!

Lastly, for their entrance to the ballroom, I’ve created a lot of balloon columns to spice up the colours of their venue. And using their requested colours of blue, white and gold!

This event is a huge success! And everyone loved the balloon decorations that I’ve done! To the point, they have also brought back some of the balloons! Thank you so much!