Balloon Decorations for NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information!

Hello! I’ve been engaged to set up balloon decorations for NTU WKWSCI! and it was fun!

I usually do vibrant and colourful human balloon dolls but this time they wanted more mature looking dolls for their balloon decorations so I proposed doing briefcase and holding files and books!

Isn’t it cute? 😀

And they will be welcomed by the alphabets “WKWSCI”.

Alright! Thanks for reading guys, hope you guys liked what I did for them. Thank you very much!

I will be editing a a YouTube video soon for this event! Will upload it soon! 🙂


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Wedding balloon decorations – Heart shape balloon arch 

I was hired by Tiffany from Mediacom to create a balloon arch for her client. And the images above are the completed work! 

I had a time lapse of the arch. I’ll post it soon. And boy it’s hard to do this arch. Haha. 

And this video below is how it looks like when you’re walking towards it. It’s amazing how it attractive it is from afar. 🙂

Alright guys, more wedding related stuff can be seen here, click the link below to go!
And do you know that I create you out of balloons? 

Click here to find out how! 

Popping popcorn balloon arch!

This balloon arch is perfect for carnival and popcorn themed parties. 

My good friend, Norvin helped me out with this popcorn arch. And it really looked awesome. love the popcorn popping out of the boards. haha!

I’m designing a new board for the popcorn arch. will update you guys if there’s someone getting this arch again. as printing the boards will cost almost $300+. 

bye guys! 😀

Here’s a very nice popcorn arch design from

check it out! 😀

They’re ready for party!

Just finished my last session with my 2 talented students, Jackie and Alice. and this is our group photo!

They’ve attended my $350 for 3 session workshop and there’s a few updates to the workshop that I wish to talk about. 

  • YouTube replays. So every session will be filmed down, and will up uploaded to a unlisted play list. so all my current, previous and future students and graduates alike can tap on all the videos. 
  • from 4 lessons to 3 lessons. so for my pioneer students, there should be 4 classes. but right now it has been reduced to 3 instead. due to feedback. I too agree that 3 is a more optimised schedule to full absorb all the things taught. 

Once again, thank you Alice and Jackie for your support. hope that you can use these basic balloon sculpting skills that you’ve learnt and further learn more balloon art.

bye guys!

I’ve finally found a way to preserve memories from your next event..

The answer is pretty simple, you capture the moment and you print it our instantly, or even multiple times for multiple times and everyone get to keep theirs..

The answer is..


Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (2)

The best way possible, and everyone gets to have fun by posing with props!

Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (4)Instant photography photobooth for events and parties (3)

And if you’re busy with your event, we will leave the printed pictures on the table for you!

Instant photography photobooth for events and parties

And you can bring it home, frame it up, keep it in your diary, show it off to your friends or toss it away, it up to you!

Check out All prices and stuffs are there. Goodnights!

Classy and Grand balloon decoration for a 18th year old birthday party!

YouTube video walk through of the balloon decorations!


Hey its Ouji again! few days ago I was hired to do something special, as most of you know balloons decorations are cute and colourful. But this time I have to do our grand and classy. 😉

let me walk you through.


first you will be greeted by a pair of classy 1.8 meter tall balloon columns and at the back you’ll see the birthday boy’s name.


And if you’re a guest you will know that you’re not at the wrong place. 😀


and there will be another pair of columns greeting you and inviting you into the ballroom.


and here’s a close up of the balloon column.

And thank you Jo Events for hiring me again. Thank you for trusting me once again! 😀

6 balloon arches for Lovorth Events!



hey guys! recently I was engaged to do 6 balloon arch! and it was crazy as 1 arch is actually pretty tiring and we did 6 in total! so the picture above was all the arches and we place them next to each other to create a balloon arch tunnel. perfect for photography!

so here are the combinations that we’ve did!

Red and yellow spiral balloon arch decoration

Red and yellow spiral balloon arch decoration


purple and pink spiral balloon arch decoration


blue and purple  spiral balloon arch decoration


pink and yellow  spiral balloon arch decoration


green and orange  spiral balloon arch decoration


blue and green spiral balloon arch decoration

wanna see how we did it? check out this video below!

Time lapse of creating the 6 balloon arches!


final shot of the 6 balloon arches. 🙂