Marvel & DC comic superheroes!

Hello! I’ve did a few of my favourite superheroes from Marvel and DC! Check it out below!

And my favourite would be Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk! I find them the cutest of all my creations!


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Balloon Decorations for NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information!

Hello! I’ve been engaged to set up balloon decorations for NTU WKWSCI! and it was fun!

I usually do vibrant and colourful human balloon dolls but this time they wanted more mature looking dolls for their balloon decorations so I proposed doing briefcase and holding files and books!

Isn’t it cute? 😀

And they will be welcomed by the alphabets “WKWSCI”.

Alright! Thanks for reading guys, hope you guys liked what I did for them. Thank you very much!

I will be editing a a YouTube video soon for this event! Will upload it soon! 🙂


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