National Day balloon decorations for NS 50!

Singapore is celebrating ns50 with all our soldiers and veterans that has served our country!

And so I was engaged by a local community club to create this Soldier balloon decorations to decorate the venue!

So it’s really interesting to create this parachuting soldiers hang by fishing lines!

And here’s the Chinese version of it!

And here is the Tamil version. And honestly it is really very difficult to create all these balloons as I have to climb up a really high letter to hang all the fishing lines and it is really very tiring.

But thank you to all the soldiers that have served Singapore for all these years! Thank you for your service! You have all my respect. And I really hope you have enjoyed yourself that day!

Masquerade theme party for a local Secondary School!

Hi guys thanks for reading my blog again and today I would like to share something very fun that I’ve done a few weeks back! So this is the first time that I have created a masquerade mask out of balloons!

And this is the final result that is attached to the balloon arch!

And I really love the color scheme of the arch that is made of gold silver and white! And look at my son looking at me adjusting the balloon arch!

And this is a photo of me and him together after I have created the balloon arch!

Thank you once again for reading my post and if you would like to contact me for your future events, please click on the link below and I will direct you to my contact page!