Foil Balloons

40″ Foil Alphabets (Gold and Silver)

$25.90 each

Comes fully inflated with helium and weights

Delivery is $30

Sweet balloon proposal with balloons
Megaloon Alphabet Silver Foil Balloon $25.90 40 Megaloon Alphabet Gold Foil Balloon $25.90 40

18″ Star Foil
$6.50 EACH

18″ Heart Foil
$6.50 EACH

22″ Round Ball Foil
$12.90 EACH

OPTIONAL ADD ON Rainbow LED + custom print is possible

Love Helium Foil Balloons

Simple and cute to surprise your loved ones.
Price is stated below.

Delivery is $30

For bookings or enquiries, do give us a call @ 96779426 (Ouji Yeo)

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