Helium Balloon Walls!

Mini helium balloon wall
Mini helium balloon wall

Hello! Thank you so much for reading my blog!

So I am here to write about how you can decorate your Venue with helium balloons!

And I will always love to do a balloon wall using helium balloons!

I have an example above which is made up of just a little bit of helium balloons tied together with an cascading order to create a wall!

Sometimes it is also okay to banish them all up together, and just leave it as a huge bundle.

If you have a large venue, I would recommend to tie the helium balloons all at the same level.

And you can place them together side by side to create a huge helium balloon wall

Frozen balloon decorations helium

Frozen balloon decorations helium

And this is one of my favorite helium balloon walls that have done before for a hotel birthday party! It is Frozen theme!

Have you done any helium walls before? or do you want a helium balloon wall for your party / event?

let me know! Contact me down below!

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