Balloon decoration for a Expo booth in Singapore!

Hello everybody! Just a few weeks ago I’ve did a balloon decorations for a booth in Expo and it was a returning customer of mine! I really love to work with her as she really love balloons and you will be happy with what I do for her booth and such. And her company is selling products that’s related to health and nature, so that explains the design and theme of the balloon decoration I did for her. πŸ˜€

Expo booth balloon decoration (2)

Expo booth balloon decoration (3)

Expo booth balloon decoration

Simple yet eye catching, balloon decorations are one of my favourite services that I can provide for my clients. Because it’s so impactful. But the only thing is that it’s very tiring to sculpt all the balloons and also to assemble or install. Like for these booths I have to climb up to the the top and tie the balloon sculptures to the top, and it’s really tiring, and when I was tying to the top, the balloons will burst or slant away, and it’s a hassle to fix it.

Balloon tree (2)

Balloon tree (3)

Balloon tree

And this is the close up of the balloon tree! The main sculpture at the booth. And thanks to the booth’s structure, I was able to just construct the tree at the booth without bringing any base of pole as frame for the balloon tree. So I do not have to charge an extra. πŸ˜€

Balloon flowers

Close up of the balloon flowers! So there’s sunflowers, normal round flowers. We did it so as the cover the plain green round balloons. πŸ˜€

And after I finished decorating the booth, I went to walk around the other fairs that are going on in the Expo and went to have dinner.

Alright, I shall be going off. Time to do some balloons. Bye! πŸ˜€




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