Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Happiness balloon backdrop with wedding balloon couple
Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Hello everybody! Love is in the air, and Amara hotel has organised a wedding show for all the couples that are getting married soon! And Artsyballoons is honored to be selected as one of their vendor to promote balloon art for wedding.

Jomain and Jocelyn with wedding couple Wedding show

So we were there to do balloons for the couple and also created wedding packages to cater to different couples with different needs. Providing balloon decorations, balloon sculpting, roving magicians and many other services. And at the end of the day all the namecards are given out and we have no choice to just leave a note on the table!

After we ran out of namecards
After we ran out of namecards

hope that we can spread the art of balloons and also hoping that advance balloon decorations can be a choice for wedding decorations, as I feel that this is the only way we can improve our decoration ideas for wedding. As we still have very little portfolio for weddings compared to birthday parties.

Alright, I shall be going now. I am doing up a Artsyballoons 2015 catalog and I’m also planning a referral system for all my past clients. Will update more when I’m free. Goodbye! 😀



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