Lilian’s interview with Ouji!

Few years ago I had a interview with my friend, Lilian who was an inspiring host. And I was honored to be in one of her shows! And the video is just below. Thought that I should share it with you guys!

I also went on Okto before and here’s the video below as well.

It was pretty amazing that my once hobby evolved to what I’m doing today. And it’s all thanks to those who are around me, constantly supporting me and helping me to improve myself. The journey was difficult, blistered hands, sore finger muscles and lots and lots of time invested to master. But it was all worthwhile.

I commit myself to always give my best to my clients and to give more value to what they pay. It not always easy but I know as long as I’m persistent I can do it!

My next post would be about balloon prices and balloon sculpting rates. I’ll be explaining why it’s priced this way and why it’s always worth getting a full time professional to do your events! Stay tuned and like my Facebook page for more updates!

Goodnights! 😀

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