Blissful marriage of Jamie and her husband

Hello everybody! Just a quick update on a very interesting and meaningful arch I’ve did for my client recently! It’s a wedding themed balloon arch!

Let me show you guys the proposal I’ve drawn for the balloon decoration first. 😀

, Blissful marriage of Jamie and her husband, Singapore Balloon Decoration Services - Balloon Workshop and Balloon Sculpting

So this is what I’ve drawn, ready for the final results? 😀

These are what I’ve done for the balloon decoration, there’s also a small wedding couple on the reception table but I didn’t take a photo of it. But it was really beautiful decoration, with all the photos and the guestbook.

I really love doing balloons, especially wedding themed decorations as it makes me feel like I’ve done a big part in their big day. But of course, there will definitely be a huge amount of stress as well, thinking about anything going wrong with the balloons or the design is not nice enough.

But I’m glad to say that everything went smoothly! 😀

Alright, I’m off to sleep now. It’s getting quite late and I’m very tired. Good nights!

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