Special balloon columns for a client with a special request!

Hi everybody!

I just did a balloon columns for a client who has a slightly special request! Usually when clients hire my balloon decoration services, they would only hire in mind of just decorating the space or just a having a photobooth. But for my this client, they had a special idea in mind of using balloon decoration in their video production. Here’s the image below. 😀

The client have something unique in mind, she wanted to use the columns to cover the logo of the company, and the president of the company will burst the balloons revealing the logo of the company. 😀

I think it’s a really interesting concept using balloon decoration for their branding and grand opening of their company. I would always try to create concept for my clients, but I feel that this is really something that I’ve never think of. But sadly I do not have a video for their final video production.


Client, if you have any problems about your branding or road shows, and you need something eye catching, do always give me a call @ 9677 9426, and I will provide solutions with my balloon decorations. 😀

Thank you!

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