Balloon Olaf Sculpture!

Hello everybody! Since now everyone is crazy about Frozen, I decided to make a balloon sculpture of a character which I think is very cute!

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Everything is made from balloons! Except for the eyes and brows. I drew them on!

Ah! I think I did a pretty good job at this balloon sculpture. Took me around 10 mins to finish one? Because I have to prepare all those small parts like the buttons, nose, teeth, hair and the eyes. Especially the body, as I have to tulip twist the balloon to create the shape. Phew!

But overall, I had fun trying out characters. As it requires more details and proportion to make it look right. So that’s why we only limit to only 10 kids for our Cartoon Twisting Package per hour, anymore than 10 per hour would take up to much time. Haha!

And we would want quality, that is why we do not give a sculpture that’s badly made and pass it off as a character. So we will make sure almost every detail is exactly the same as what is seen in the cartoon. 😀


Only less than 10 kids for your party? Or you really wish to let every kid in your party to have a special balloon sculpture? Call in now to enquire for our CARTOON TWISTING PACKAGE!

Rates are at $250 for the first hour, subsequent at $200


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