Captain America Balloon Shield!


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Balloon Sculpture for this cosplaying Captain America for kids party.


Hello everybody! Did a superhero themed birthday party recently and there’s this awesome looking Captain America at the party! And I can’t resist sculpting a large shield for him. Haha! And he liked it very much as it was larger than his toy shield that he bought from the toy store. Not to mention that he was sporty enough to take a cool photo! 😀

After that event, had a few more balloon sculpting events and a few balloon decoration and I’m back home! 😀

Finally finished helping my wife doing her balloon decoration at AMK hub, it was a super tiring week of non-stop work as most of our balloon artists are out of country. But we also manage to finish doing everything! And I’m glad everything was a success! 😀 I’m proud of you, my lovely wife. <3


Going to take a rest now. And this week I’m going to take a good rest. Having terrible cough. Goodnights! 😀

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