Balloon decorations

Hello everybody! It has been a wonderful yet hectic month for me so far! Been doing quite a number of balloon sculpting and decoration and many more balloon events upcoming as well!

But hey, I enjoying doing balloon decoration and balloon sculpting for parties and events most! 😀

Enough of me, let me allow the pictures to do the talking. 😉

The sad thing I feel about balloon decoration is that it’s a “shorted lived art”. I’m always happy that I’ve completed my arch, backdrop or columns after a few hours that the party or event ends, and it really pains me to tear down the arch and destroy this piece of art that I’ve created using hours but just minutes to destroy.

But ultimately, I feel that the happiness that my client exude on their faces satisfies me the most. And also the balloon decoration that I’ve completed must be up to their expectation or else I’ll feel that they have wasted their money. So I’ll always try to draft out a design to show my client first, so that they can visualise what they’re paying for, at the very least.

Alright, I shall end of my post here. I shall try to create more astounding balloon arts to show the world what round and long balloons can do if they’re in a hands of a passionate artist! 😀


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