My man in balloon show! and some of my other events this few days.


Hello everyone! It has been sometime since I’ve blogged! So here I am to update this page of mine as I’ve some free time of my own! And of course, sharing more of my balloon adventures with everyone kind enough to view my blog/website. 😀

Firstly, I just finished celebrating my birthday, and I just had a simple lunch with my friend at Yumcha restaurant and spending the entire day with them, also, they gave me a wonderful surprise and everything, I could not be more pleased and satisfied with the celebration that they’ve given me.

Of course, special thanks to my wife who have spent weeks planning this gathering and surprise for me without me knowing anything as usual. Haha!

Of course, I also celebrated my friend’s birthday recently and I did a fantasy castle backdrop that I did for a client’s birthday not long ago, and she loves pink as well, so I just went ahead and replicate pretty much the entire design. But of course, this time it’s suited to a adult’s height. (pictures above)

I hoped you liked it! 😀


Moving on, I recently went to do a birthday party and the kid requested for a purple dinosaur. And of course, since he’s the birthday boy and it’s within my capabilities, I can’t turn him down. 😀 So I did a fairly huge purple dinosaur using 360s balloons to make the size large. 😀 And he really love it! I’m so glad. But at the end of the party, he ended up just holding his gun and shooting all the guests. A super cute kid. Love to work with kids like him. 😀

Happy birthday to you!


Lastly, I did a stage show recently, and It was fun and exciting seeing all the audience shocked and amused at the same time as I enter the huge balloon. I’m so glad that I could entertain them by doing so. 😀

I didn’t have much photos taken, I also did a few games with the audience, as I’m twisting balloons sculptures on the stage(very fast as time is limited) the MC would ask questions, and the audiences could answer and if they get it right, they could get a balloon sculpture from me.

Of course, the first few sculptures was pretty simple, bouquet of flowers, swords, dogs, butterflies and other sculptures. But the last sculpture as very special, it’s a balloon Cai Shen Ye, a Chinese god of fortune, the person who got the last question right got home a very special sculpture. 😀

And after the unique balloon giveaway, I proceed with the balloon show, the man in balloon. Want to know more about my show? Visit this link!

There’s a description about my show and what I would do in that show. 😀


Alright, that’s all I’ve to blog, I shall post more things from now on, it’s raining now. A good weather to sleep. Goodnights everybody! 😀

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