Balloon workshop for a group of cute children!

, Balloon workshop for a group of cute children!, Singapore Balloon Decoration Services - Balloon Workshop and Balloon Sculpting


Don’t know if you guys can spot me, but if you can, HELLO! But if you can’t then let me give you a hint, I’m wearing blue! Haha!

Hello everybody! I’m back to blog about my balloon life again. And now I’m going to show you guys what I did recently at a local childcare. 😀

I did this workshop with my friend, Alethea and her group of professional balloon artists. And I’m very happy that she gave me a chance to teach the art of balloon sculpting to a group of cute and enthusiastic kids!

And instead of teaching simple sculptures and simple techniques, we taught all of the kids one advanced sculpture, which is complicated enough to take a whole one and a half hour to finish the entire workshop. 😀

Even though it’s tiring, I’m glad that we all manage to bring happiness and the art of balloons to the younger generation. 😀


I do hope that balloon art would be appreciated and more valued in the near future.

Goodnight everyone!

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