Balloon Wedding Decorations

Hello to be newlyweds! Or a very good friend of someone that’s getting married! Are you looking for something more special? Why not have Artsyballoons do up a unique wedding balloon decoration for your special occasion? Below are our premium balloon decorations that it specially designed for weddings.

Also, if you have any theme for your wedding, do let us know! As we can customise to suit your needs.

Call in now to inquire! Call 9677 9426 or email Contact us now!

Sweet balloon proposal with balloons

Balloon wedding proposal decoration

Wedding Balloon Couple

Our hot favourite balloon wedding couple is the most popular! Why? Because it’s very versatile, you can place it beside the reception table when you’re welcoming your guest, and after that you can shift it to your solemnisation table for your solemnisation. And you can bring it in to your dinner ballroom once it’s completed. And at the end of the day, you can put it at your back seat of your car and bring it home! And after a few months after it fully deflates, you can keep it as a memento. That’s why it’s so popular. Here’s some examples of the wedding couple that I’ve done!

This is the life sized wedding couple and it’s standing at 1.2m tall. Perfect for reception tables. Or simply anywhere as it can be shifted anywhere. Stands on its own!

This is a medium sized wedding couple standing at 50 – 60cm, perfect for reception table. Also, it’s very handy to bring home! 😀

Wedding Balloon Arch

Wedding Balloon Backdrop

Wedding Balloon Columns

So in order to confirm, I would need a few information from you. And if you can, please fill up the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly. 🙂

10 Replies to “Balloon Wedding Decorations”

  1. Hi I would liked to enquiry about the costs for doing up life sized wedding couple + 1 small size wedding couple for my wedding on the 12th June 2015, Friday.

    Kindly advice on the above at your soonest convenience.

    Thanks & Regards
    Alister Ng

    1. Hi! 😄

      It’ll be $290 for the life size wedding couple, and another $100 for the table display wedding couple.

      And also another $30 for delivery. 😄

      Do contact my @ 96779426 for more details. 😄

  2. Hi would all the table display wedding couples be $100? Would it also be available for self-collection 1-2 days before the date?

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