Birthday party balloon decorations and balloon sculpting

Few days back I was hired to do balloon decorations and balloon sculpting for a birthday party in Singapore!

And these are what I’ve did!

Birthday party rainbow hot air balloon balloon decorations
Birthday party rainbow hot air balloon balloon decorations

So I’ve done a mini organic rainbow balloon decorations on the wall.

And the bottom I did the foil alphabets!

Also the helium balloons at the sides to fill up the spaces beside the tables

Lastly the rainbow hot air balloon sculpture at the side of the cake!

Rainbow hot air balloon sculpture
Rainbow hot air balloon sculpture

Here’s a close up of the hot air balloon sculpture! I love the spiral rainbow pattern of the sculpture. 🙂

Balloon sculpting for birthday parties
Here’s a panda balloon sculpture!

After the balloon decorations are done, I start to do my balloon sculpting service! And the kids can request for anything they want! (Expect for cartoon characters, haha)

And this boy wanted a balloon panda sculpture!

Giraffe balloon sculpture
Giraffe balloon sculpture

Here’s another of my balloon sculpture! And it’s one of my creations! And it’s very popular design among many other balloon sculptors in Singapore too!

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