Simple and cute green alien balloon sculpture

Hello thank you so much again for viewing my post so today I have something very cute to share with you guys! Can you guess what it is?

It’s a green alien from Toy Story! And it’s a birthday gift!

And I really like doing this kind of balloon sculptures for my clients because these are such unique gifts that you cannot find anywhere else.

And not to mention that they are so customizable you can add like a small heart shaped with writing on it, or you can even add on a cute hat or something memorable!

And once I am done with the balloon sculpture I will keep it in a clear plastic bag to protect it from home and oxidization.

And the next morning I will open up the plastic bag to see if there’s any micro tears in the balloon that caused the balloons to be deflated if no, it will be ready to be sent out to my client!

Two guys, if you have any interesting balloon sculptures that you would like me to create out for your Friends or Family, let me know!

I have link my contact page below! just click on it and it will link you to the page!