Instant photo booth for a local primary school!

Hello guys! Recently I’ve done a hot air balloon and a balloon backdrop for a local Primary School in Singapore, and at the same time they were like to have a instant photo booth as well for the students and teachers!

So here are some photos that have been taken on the day itself!

On the left is the photographer, and as you can see on the right, that is my hot air balloon backdrop!

And it looks really gorgeous

And there is also a lot of props that the guest can use and post the photos

And here are some example!

And this is another photo booth that has my balloon back drop!

And as you can see the setup is very professional! high speed printer, photo studio lights, professional DSLR camera oh, and a shimmery backdrop!

Sure is an example of the photo!

Thank you so much for reading if you would like to know more about our instant photo booth Services, click on the link below!