Natalie’s Onedèrland birthday party!

Hello! Here’s a 30 second video to sum up everything that I’ve done!

It was an extremely busy month for me this December, and it’s also pretty busy for me in January and February!

But today I want to show you something very cool that I did for my client!

See that reindeer? It took us a total of 4 hours to complete, and the sled is another 3 hours! (We didn’t sleep much that night)

But whatever, we are satisfied with the results and my client and her guests are amazed at the artwork!

But that’s not everything! I also did a pixel balloon backdrop customized to her theme’s color scheme. Added some snowflakes and the outcome was pretty awesome.

It was mainly used as a photo backdrop for their instant photo booth. Didn’t get to see how the photo turned out to be like, but seeing how many guests kept taking a photo with the backdrop, it should be pretty awesome. 😀