Another Christmas mall project for sunplaza shopping center!

Hello guys! can you see the empty space above? that’s the space I’ll be doing a balloon horse carriage there!

And I drew a rough proposal for my client on how it’ll look like. but it’ll definitely look more amazing after its completed!

80% completed! really love the scale of the horse and carriage! it look us roughly 6 hours to complete till here! and we’re back home to sleep! 

The next morning we continued the project and this is the outcome! did some minor adjustment and made the carriage more spherical.

And we placed 2 chairs at the sides of the carriage and here’s the outcome! 

Here’s a up close of the horse! it needs to last for 1 month, that’s the reason I made it using round balloons. Haha!

And at night, everything is fenced up! hopefully no kids will be too rough with the balloons!

And have a great time enjoy and taking photos with the carriage! 😀