Geoffery Giraffe balloon arch for Toys’R’us grand opening @ Vivocity Singapore!

I was hired by Toys’R’us to do up a entrance arch for their grand opening at Vivocity! congratulations Toys’R’us!

But sadly this is how the arch looks like now (after 6 days) the arms and legs are destroyed and all the alphabets are missing! I wonder who loves my balloons so much. Haha!

Here’s a close up of the alphabets! this was alp tough balloon decoration to do as all the alphabets are sculpted scale to the real logo! 

And this is just the head! it looks really cute up close. 

Alright, that’s the end of this post! there will be more upcoming at Sunplaza Shopping mall! as I’ll be there from 21st – 23rs doing a major set up for christmas! update more on my FB page and instagram page! 

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