They’re ready for party!

, They’re ready for party!, Singapore Balloon Decoration Services - Balloon Workshop and Balloon Sculpting

Just finished my last session with my 2 talented students, Jackie and Alice. and this is our group photo!

They’ve attended my $350 for 3 session workshop and there’s a few updates to the workshop that I wish to talk about. 

  • YouTube replays. So every session will be filmed down, and will up uploaded to a unlisted play list. so all my current, previous and future students and graduates alike can tap on all the videos. 
  • from 4 lessons to 3 lessons. so for my pioneer students, there should be 4 classes. but right now it has been reduced to 3 instead. due to feedback. I too agree that 3 is a more optimised schedule to full absorb all the things taught. 

Once again, thank you Alice and Jackie for your support. hope that you can use these basic balloon sculpting skills that you’ve learnt and further learn more balloon art.

bye guys!