Balloon orders for a sweet 18th birthday (gift from her mummy)

Hello guys! Few weeks ago I had a very special balloon order for a 18th year old birthday. It consists of a balloon baby + a bouquet of flowers + a balloon birthday cake (going to burst it maybe? haha)

So the pictures are above, the most difficult one for me was the cake, as it was my first time doing it. Not too shabby I would say. Used 260s long balloons to weave out the cake, and used 160s for the numbers “18” on the cake. Awesome!

The baby was a surprise for me on the other hand, as it’s a birthday balloon decorations for 18th year old, so a baby was quite unrelated! But it was a gift from her mother to her, so I guess to her mum she will always be her baby. Aww.

Congratulations to your 18th birthday! Here’s wishing you all the best luck and positivity in the world to you!