Singapore themed balloon backdrop for a wedding!

I was reently hired to do a balloon backdrop for my client. And I drawn a proposal for him.

and he was happy with the proposal and decided to take it up!

drawing proposals are a key essential to help my client deciding whether to get the balloons or not as most of my client are getting balloon decorations for the first time. And some of them want customisation which it hard to show them by creating the balloon out and changing the design till it meets their expectation. so drawing it out would be the best solution!

check out the balloon decorations that I’ve done below! the tail of the merlion is the most awesome part of the entire piece. It took me around 4 hours to finish the tail!


Singapore themed balloon backdrop
singapore themed balloon backdrop with merlion
Singapore merlion balloon sculpture by Ouji Yeo

and since you’re here, check out my video of a decoration that I’ve did for a 18th year old birthday party.

18th birthday party by Artsyballoons