Helium balloon decoration? Yes or no?

Helium balloon decoration is a traditional and timeless way of balloon decorations. As it’s simple and easy to do! Just inflate the balloons, tie it up with a 2m long ribbon and viola! You can just just let it float up on the ceiling or weigh it down with weights. 🙂

As helium balloon can only last for around 8 – 9 hours, it can’t be done 1 0r 2 days before like what I’ve done for my arches, backdrop and column decorations.

But it’s still a wonderful and beautiful way of balloon decoration that you may consider getting for your next party!

My charges for helium balloons is $1.50 per piece, and $30 for delivery. Hassle free and always on time. 😀

Here’s some example of helium balloon decorations that I’ve done before. 😀

Helium Balloon DecorationRed and white balloons as ceiling balloon decorations, simple and colourful! And the strings makes the room look fuller!

String of pearls Balloon decoration (4)String of pearl balloon arch, it’s a fast and beautiful way to beautify the venue and it’s a interesting and fanciful way of balloon decoration!

helium balloons helium balloons blueHere’s something I’ve did to compliment my arch balloon decorations that I’ve did for a birthday. Helium balloons can be used to compliment a complicated piece of balloon decoration!

Helium balloons (2)Can you see the balloon decoration behind? It’s colour theme is pink, purple and white, so you can fill the whole with matching colours as compliment the main balloon decoration piece. 😀

wpid-animal-printed-helium-balloons.jpg.jpegIt does not only come with solid colours, even animal prints! So if you have a animal theme party, you may consider these as balloon decorations!

bundle of 2 helium balloonsHere’s an example of weighing down the balloons with weights, and a simple water weight will do the trick! Quick and easy balloon decoration!

bundle of 2 helium balloons (1)Here’s a 2 balloon helium bundle standing by itself, it may look like a simple balloon decoration (look below)

Helium balloon on the tableBut if you have a lot of them, it’ll look wonderful as balloon table decorations! And as it’s long enough, it’ll not block the guest’s view. 😀

helium balloon bundlesHere’s one last example of a table balloon decoration with helium balloons. But it’s no recommended for outdoors as it’ll blow the helium away. 🙁

But nonetheless, helium balloon decoration is a essential way to spice up the room or venue with colours and magic (Get it? Because it’s floating.)

Here’s the end of my sharing of some balloon decorations that I’ve done before, hope you have a better understanding of helium balloon after this post! Good bye! 😀