Underwater themed balloon decorations for a function room!

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Hello guys! Once again I’ve done a underwater themed balloon decoration for another of my client.


And this is the overview of the entire function room! It has helium balloons, balloon displays and the big blue balloon arch. Pretty much complete for a balloon decoration. 😄

Let’s look close with of the balloons.

With lobsters and crabs!

So this is the close up of the balloon arch, it has lobsters on the left, and crabs on the right. And it’s completed with green underwater seaweeds. And if you look closely enough! You can see some starfish. 😄


And this is the balloon crab display, where the kids can take home by cutting off the strings that are attached to crab. And this balloon crab has dangling eyes which is a interesting feature that my balloon crab has! 😄

Cute yellow starfish

And this is a balloon starfish, a very big starfish. With very cute eyes and a silly smile on its face. Artsyballoons original design as this is the first time anybody did this for a balloon decoration. 😄


Now we come to the balloon dolphin! It looks like it’s splashing out of the water and greeting the kids at the party, and it has big eyeballs. 👀

Big orange balloon octopus!

And this is my favourite sea creature the octopus! Because it’s big and bubbly, it also look great it any colour! Be it pink, blue, purple or even rainbow! The octopus just looks perfect! 😄

Alright, that’s all for today. If you like my balloon decorations, you can look through my website for even more of my artworks and designs! 😄