Balloon Table Centerpieces for all events!

Greetings everybody!

I’m here to update again! And today it about – Balloon table centerpiece!


What does it come to mind when we talk about table centerpieces?

I’m sure these come to mind right?


But do you know that you can also use BALLOONS as table centerpiece? Because balloons are so versatile and it can be twist and shaped into anything if the person’s skill is right, a table centerpiece will never be those commonly seen “flowers” or “lights” That’s right, we can do anything out of balloons and use it as a table centerpiece! 😀

My client wanted helium balloons for his tables. But there’s no more stock, instead, I proposed balloon sculpted table centerpieces!

And the theme was animals! So I created animals to go with his theme that he wanted. Ah, the beauty of balloons. It could be any theme, marine, safari, forest, elegant, princess. Anything! We can do anything as balloon decoration for your event!

The picture below are the centerpieces that I’ve done for the party! 😀


Alright! I shall update more soon! Have a great day!:D

Back to practising origami!

Hello everybody! Didn’t expect origami to be here as this is balloon website right? Haha. I’m actually a origami artist Balloon sculpting at a local residence as well. 😀


Practised some of the basics back again as it has been a few months since I’ve touched origami.


But soon I’ll be doing demonstration at a few of the Kinokuniya outlets. Maybe you might spot me? 😀


Alright. I shall continue to practise more. Goodnight!