Christmas balloon decorations!

Hello everybody! Are you looking for Christmas balloon decorations?

Here I have some of my most popular Christmas balloon decorations!

And the Santa Claus, gingerbread man and the snowman can all be worn and danced around inside like a live mascot!

And as it is made out of balloons, it is not hot inside! So anyone could operate it!

We can create any designs of mascot if requested! Contact as below!

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Balloon decorations for Fendi, thanks to thatballoons

Thank you so much that balloon for having me! It is really an honor to do for Fendi! The video above is a super cute balloon mascot dance!

And here is a close-up of the balloon Santa Claus

And this is the scale to my wife! It is standing at around 1.8 meters tall!

And this is the entire display of the shop front!

And this is a picture of me sitting in the sled that is used for photo-taking!

There is another look at the storefront

Once again thank you so much to thatballoons for having me! Merry Christmas everybody!