All about love, post dedicated to Valentine’s day.

It’s the time of the year again to be extra lovely to your special one. And it’s also a day where lots of people confess their love, and I’m here wishing all of them the very best. 🙂

Since its the season of love, why not talk about some fancy love balloon sculptures. You never know you might want some of them for your wedding or next valentines. *wink*

Here’s some examples that I’ve did along the years. But the last one is my absolute favourite. 🙂

5) 3D balloon heart backdrop


Once you enter the venue and you see this, you know immediately that it’s a event related to love. And it doubles as a excellent balloon backdrop decorations. And it’s one of the favourite in Singapore! I’ve done this design for 2 shopping malls and numerous times for private events and corporate events. A timeless design with a big love.

4) table size wedding couple display


This is a way for wedding couples to spice up their reception table. And it’s also handy enough to bring home with ease. 😀

What’s more is that you can customise the colours to what you’re actually wearing on that day! Brown long hair or black short hair, to the colours of the suit and gown is customisable. That’s why it’s one of the top favourites among my clients. 😀

3) life size wedding couple balloon decoration


The upgrade of the table size, this doubles as a huge balloon decoration display! Perfect to be place on the stage, beside your entrance or reception table. And in this photo my client has a dog that their really love. So their even included it together. How cute!

2) balloon boxed heart sculpture


It’s usually used as a design piece for a balloon arch or backdrop. But this design stands out because it’s way more fuller compared to the traditional balloon heart sculpture


This is the simpler way to create a balloon heart. 🙂

1) 3D balloon heart (handheld)


This is my favourite, because as most balloons are not meant to last, this one will kind of last “forever”. It won’t stay inflated for months, but after it totally deflates it’ll still stay it’s shape. Which is very cool!


And the best thing is that it can be framed up! It’s really looks super unique. 🙂

Alright guys, that’s the end of my sharing. Here’s me wishing you guys a wonderful Valentine’s day! ?

LEGO x Balloon

Mix Media Art

Speaking of mix media art, this is our first ever attempt to do one. It’s a remake of the LEGO-man, into a balloon sculpture, as requested by Lego company Singapore. 6 hours in the making by 2 balloon artists, this balloon Lego man stands 2,5 metres tall.

lego balloon man.jpg