Balloon decorations for a newlywed, a new design for my balloon wedding couple!

Hi guys so again I am engaged to do a balloon decorations for a newlywed and this time they have a very interesting idea!

So both of them likes Kermit and Miss Piggy!

So it was quite a challenge at first because I have never done this character before, but I am quite happy with the results! Take a look at the close up of Miss Piggy!

And I really like that the Newlywed is very daring with this customisation!

And I find that Kermit is really cute!

So if you have any interesting ideas that you would wish to implement into your wedding balloon decorations, please feel free to contact me! I will be more than happy to help!

Wedding balloon decorations – a pair of advance columns with couple balloon doll

It’s wedding balloon decorations again this time!

So this time I was hired to create my signature pair of advance balloon columns (thin column style) with the wedding couple on the top! And if you look closely the eyes of the balloon bride and groom are opened! It takes a lot of effort to draw it!

I don’t use sticker people sometimes it just falls off easily. Haven’t found a way to really stick the eyes on very securely.

And also the columns is also a very special style which is thin in the middle if you noticed!

Epic shot for my balloon wedding couple!

balloon wedding couple (6)
balloon wedding couple (5)
balloon wedding couple (4)

One of the most epic shots that I’ve taken before for my balloon decorations. All thanks to the lighting and beautiful scenery of the botanical gardens. Would really love to live near there and enjoy the park there every morning. It’ll be such a blessing.

And on a side note, this client wants a balloon dog!


And this was the dog! Looks like a very cute and obedient dog to me.

Woof woof!


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Wedding couple for a pair of newlyweds!

Happy marriage and I wish them all the best, and may they have a blissful marriage!

Really happy when I always send this balloon order, as I know someone is getting married! And it’s a very special day for them of course, but who say that balloons are too childish for marriage? Of course they’re not! They’re professional and they liven up the event! As long as the design flows with the event theme of course. Haha!

But nevertheless, I’m really happy that they are satisfied with this couple and I’m really happy for them as well. Good luck! 😀