One year anniversary balloon decorations

So I had a very interesting balloon decoration request from my client recently!

She wanted me to do a pair of couple balloon sculpture, sitting on their soft toy that has great sentimental value to them!

And bottom saying “HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY”

So that’s why I did! Check out the image below!

1 year anniversary balloon decorations
1 year anniversary balloon decorations

So I really love it when client gives me the full creative direction and budget to work within. So that I can propose my best design for them!

Couple sitting on dinosaur balloon sculpture
Couple sitting on dinosaur balloon sculpture

Here’s how it looks like! And I’m very glad that my client really loved the balloon decorations I did for their anniversary!

Couple sitting on dinosaur balloon sculpture
Here’s my wife holding the balloons!

Look at the scale of the balloons compared to my wife! Its huge!

Here’s wishing them all the best!

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Balloon decorations for a newlywed, a new design for my balloon wedding couple!

Hi guys so again I am engaged to do a balloon decorations for a newlywed and this time they have a very interesting idea!

So both of them likes Kermit and Miss Piggy!

So it was quite a challenge at first because I have never done this character before, but I am quite happy with the results! Take a look at the close up of Miss Piggy!

And I really like that the Newlywed is very daring with this customisation!

And I find that Kermit is really cute!

So if you have any interesting ideas that you would wish to implement into your wedding balloon decorations, please feel free to contact me! I will be more than happy to help!