Balloon decorations for a newlywed, a new design for my balloon wedding couple!

Hi guys so again I am engaged to do a balloon decorations for a newlywed and this time they have a very interesting idea!

So both of them likes Kermit and Miss Piggy!

So it was quite a challenge at first because I have never done this character before, but I am quite happy with the results! Take a look at the close up of Miss Piggy!

And I really like that the Newlywed is very daring with this customisation!

And I find that Kermit is really cute!

So if you have any interesting ideas that you would wish to implement into your wedding balloon decorations, please feel free to contact me! I will be more than happy to help!

Wedding balloon decorations – a pair of advance columns with couple balloon doll

It’s wedding balloon decorations again this time!

So this time I was hired to create my signature pair of advance balloon columns (thin column style) with the wedding couple on the top! And if you look closely the eyes of the balloon bride and groom are opened! It takes a lot of effort to draw it!

I don’t use sticker people sometimes it just falls off easily. Haven’t found a way to really stick the eyes on very securely.

And also the columns is also a very special style which is thin in the middle if you noticed!

Balloon Wedding couple delivery success!

Gotten a last minute order yesterday, and I was able to complete it despite my tight schedule! 

Reason I showed this to you guys is because it’s really creative and beautiful to add in the “Mr” and “Mrs” to the wedding couple balloons (which was provided by my client) 

Awesomely done! it also inspires me to merge balloon and other forms of materials and medium. And actually on hand I’m doing a very interesting project merging furniture and balloons! it’s still in the prototype phase, but I can see a lot of potential in this project! will show more once I’ve more completed product to show!

Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Happiness balloon backdrop with wedding balloon couple
Amara wedding show @ Amara hotel singapore

Hello everybody! Love is in the air, and Amara hotel has organised a wedding show for all the couples that are getting married soon! And Artsyballoons is honored to be selected as one of their vendor to promote balloon art for wedding.

Jomain and Jocelyn with wedding couple Wedding show

So we were there to do balloons for the couple and also created wedding packages to cater to different couples with different needs. Providing balloon decorations, balloon sculpting, roving magicians and many other services. And at the end of the day all the namecards are given out and we have no choice to just leave a note on the table!

After we ran out of namecards
After we ran out of namecards

hope that we can spread the art of balloons and also hoping that advance balloon decorations can be a choice for wedding decorations, as I feel that this is the only way we can improve our decoration ideas for wedding. As we still have very little portfolio for weddings compared to birthday parties.

Alright, I shall be going now. I am doing up a Artsyballoons 2015 catalog and I’m also planning a referral system for all my past clients. Will update more when I’m free. Goodbye! 😀



Balloon decorations for Norman and Grace’s wedding!

Hello guys!

Just finished my 6 hours of balloon sculpting at a local showroom.

But before I went for my balloon sculpting service, I was at a local hotel for a wedding balloon decoration.

I met them 2 months before their big day to discuss about the design and where the decoration pieces are to be placed, and we’ve decided where to place them and I’ve drawn a few proposals for them as well. Here the are finalised ones.



And after setting the decorations up for 2 hours. Here’s the end result!

Wedding balloon decoration (4)

Wedding balloon decoration (5)

This is what’s outside the ballroom. So that’s how people will know that that’s the entrance to the wedding! And this idea was created because my client wanted people to know that this is the way into the ballroom without using the traditional methods (eg, boards, signage, directions) and instead using balloons to create a unique and special way to show directions and astound the guests at the same time! That’s a really innovative way to make use of balloon decoration, it’s a decorative piece, it’s showing directions and at the same time it’s giving the guest a WOW factor, I think that’s a very smart way to do it!

And next was what’s on the stage!

Wedding balloon decoration (3)

This was on the stage, and my client don’t want the plain walls on the stage, so they wanted this link-o-loon balloon wall which actually are like flowers. And it’s more interesting compared to the plain wall. Next time I should take photo of the before and after of my balloon decorations to let people know how balloons can spice up a venue!

Wedding balloon decoration

They also wanted owls, and I my client really likes pink and white, so that’s why I did pink and white balloon owls for her, and it’s a couple too! And some flowers on the balloon wall, not too much to spoil the entire backdrop, just a variation of big and small flowers to add a little colour to the balloon decoration.

Wedding balloon decoration (6)

A close up on the wedding couple, they wanted the groom’s eyes to be open, and bride’s eyes to be closed. I think it’s pretty sweet! And the amazing thing about the wedding couple is that it can be shifted around, so right now it’s on the stage, but when there’s guest coming in, they can shift it beside the reception table so that people can see it, and after the event, they can just bring back the entire balloon wedding couple home! It’s a amazing piece, and after it’s fully deflated after a few months, you can keep it in a small acrylic box as a memento of your wedding. How sweet!

Wedding balloon decoration (2)

Alright, thank you for reading my blog, I hope that this will inspire you for some wedding decorations ideas, and balloon is what I think it’s the best out of all I’ve seen before. As it’s so vibrant, sweet and colourful. And what’s more is that you can customise what you want! Cartoon themed weddings, elegant theme weddings, coloured theme weddings or anything theme you have in mind, it can all be done with balloons! That’s how awesome balloons are!

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Blissful marriage of Jamie and her husband

Hello everybody! Just a quick update on a very interesting and meaningful arch I’ve did for my client recently! It’s a wedding themed balloon arch!

Let me show you guys the proposal I’ve drawn for the balloon decoration first. 😀

Wedding arch drawing proposal

So this is what I’ve drawn, ready for the final results? 😀

These are what I’ve done for the balloon decoration, there’s also a small wedding couple on the reception table but I didn’t take a photo of it. But it was really beautiful decoration, with all the photos and the guestbook.

I really love doing balloons, especially wedding themed decorations as it makes me feel like I’ve done a big part in their big day. But of course, there will definitely be a huge amount of stress as well, thinking about anything going wrong with the balloons or the design is not nice enough.

But I’m glad to say that everything went smoothly! 😀

Alright, I’m off to sleep now. It’s getting quite late and I’m very tired. Good nights!

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