Balloon decorations for NTU School of EEE


Thanks for reading. 🙂

I was hired by NTU school of EEE to do up a balloon arch to welcome the students to their grand opening of the iHub!
And it’s a really awesome room with lots of computers and high tech stuff.

There’s even lion dance and many other activities! But the pictures above are what I’ve done for them!

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Balloon princess for a private birthday party @ China Club

hello everybody! I recently did a party decoration for a pair of twins! And it was perfect!

They were born in the year of the rabbit, and the mummy loves my balloon princess, so I suggested these 2 princess at the sides of the cake cutting table and both them hugging a balloon rabbit!

And the first picture is me scaled to the balloon princess!

Hope you enjoyed my artwork and creation! Have a great day! 😀

Balloon decorations for Lego Singapore, Singhub

Lego Singapore!

Thank you so much for having us for the second time! We really had fun doing all these awesome sculptures! (without the risk of getting sued of copyright infringement of course.. haha..)

And here’s what I’ve done! Check out the pictures below!

I also used a new technique for the balloon backdrop that made the size super duper accurate! And of course with the help of my new $1000+ balloon electronic pump (I’m not joking about the price) the balloons are extremely well sized! Loving it!

My favourite sculptures in the picture is the buzz lightyear and the green alien!

Once again, thank you so so so much to Lego for having us again! We really hope to see you again next year!
Aright! Hope you guys enjoyed what I’ve done! See you tomorrow!

Balloon orders for a sweet 18th birthday (gift from her mummy)

Hello guys! Few weeks ago I had a very special balloon order for a 18th year old birthday. It consists of a balloon baby + a bouquet of flowers + a balloon birthday cake (going to burst it maybe? haha)

So the pictures are above, the most difficult one for me was the cake, as it was my first time doing it. Not too shabby I would say. Used 260s long balloons to weave out the cake, and used 160s for the numbers “18” on the cake. Awesome!

The baby was a surprise for me on the other hand, as it’s a birthday balloon decorations for 18th year old, so a baby was quite unrelated! But it was a gift from her mother to her, so I guess to her mum she will always be her baby. Aww.

Congratulations to your 18th birthday! Here’s wishing you all the best luck and positivity in the world to you!

Simple safari themed balloon arch – Balloon decoration done for Thatballoons


Simple and clean design for a safari themed arch, thank you Thatballoons for giving me a chance to create this balloon arch! 


My signature balloon lion! Which is made up of mainly round balloons, 2 yellow for the head and body, smaller rounds for the mane and lastly 2 small yellow balloons for the hands! Simple and cute!


This is an enlarge elephant of what I usually do for my birthday parties! Haha!


And comes my second favourite animal, that giraffe! This one takes a lot of drawing, especially the spots! Phew!


Alright, it’s time to end the post with the giraffe looking at you! Have a great week ahead! 😀

Superman balloon decoration for a 1st year birthday party!

Balloon Superman

I’m Superman, and I’m here to celebrate a Sanjay’s first year birthday party.

Superman balloon columns

Haha, Ouji here, just a few days ago I did a Superman themed balloon decorations for a child’s first year birthday party. And it was a successful one! And this client of mine is a really cool one, I just draw a simple proposal and he just agreed to it because he trusts my works.

Superman balloon columns (2)

So this the main balloon column, the Superman balloon column! And thanks for Kaden’s help, I was able to finish this pair of balloon columns in just 10 minutes! Of course I already premade the Superman and the number 1 at home. As I need to check for the micro tear in the balloons. As sometimes when we twist the balloons, there will be a small tear on the balloon, so if we’re to do the balloons on the spot and we leave after we’re done, there might be a chance that the balloon might be fully deflated when I’m gone. So I always make sure there’s no micro tear so I have a peace of mind.

balloon columns with number 1

Number 1 balloon column, this is to show that it’s a first birthday, so it’s a trademark Artsyballoon design to have the birthday person on one columns, and the age on the other column.

Balloon number 1

Here’s the close up of the number 1, this is made using square weave, which is a advance balloon technique. For beginners, their would either get confused doing it, so the proportions will not be accurate. For us it’s not easy as well, as our aim to do it so precise and clear that once your guest sees the balloon, their know what it is at one glance.

Balloon twisting and decoration concepts

A pack or a bag of twisting balloons could create wonders. Artsyballoons and team had been exploring the art ever since we fell in love. Have you ever wonder why children smile when they come in view with balloons? Have you ever wonder why balloons makes people happy? These are the amazing ponders and wonders each time we does an event, or balloon sculpting for birthday party. The colors of these balloons are beautiful don’t they?

twisting balloons

The way we brainstorm and compose our ideas might differ from other companies. Thanks to our skills in illustration and graphic designing, we are able to provide our clients with the prototype of the design with computer work. Each design will be sketched and edited before we go ahead to sculpt it with balloons on the actual day. If budget allows, 3D visual designs can be done as well.cute horse display

The ultimate goal is to bring artworks beyond our clients’ expectations, and also beyond our own expectations.

The year is ending, and we are thankful for all the great events which had happened so far. December is going to be a busy month with all the festivals and celebrations in Singapore. Thank you for your support throughout this year, and we hope to bring you a better Artsy Balloons for the many years to come!