Did it balloon decoration for Mayflower Secondary School!

Congratulations for the class of 2017, you’re all moving to the next phase of life! All the best to you guys!

So what I’ve did (picture above) is balloon clusters filled with balloon flowers for the certification table.

I really love the color combination and the two mini balloon butterflies that are so cute!

I also did customized helium printing balloons for the walkway.

And this is the close up of the balloon!

And here’s another one that I did for the balloon columns, and as you can see for the top I have also did the customize helium transparent printed balloon for the columns!

Thank you so much for having me it was really great! Especially to Christina, who is really kind!

See you again next week goodbye!

Grand opening balloon decorations for Jollibee

balloon arch decorations for jollibee (2)
We’re honoured to be hired by Jollibee to create balloons arches and balloon columns for their grand opening!

We did balloon arches, balloon columns and tie some flower balloons around the venue! And the managers are very pleased with the decorations! As it really brings out the Jollibee colours!

The arch was the best as everyone felt welcomed when they entered the restaurant and it really attracted a lot of people! You can see the top picture that the queue extended all the way outside!

Overall, I’m very glad that I’m able to help them with their decorations again for the third time! Thank you for always trusting me with your grand events and important occasions!

Balloon Columns for corporate dinner and dance

Thanks for reading my blog again! So today was pretty chill. Did a pair of balloon columns only. And below is the end product! 

It’s been such a long time I’ve did such a simple decoration and it really does bring back a lot of memories. 

Like when I first started my balloon decorations company, I was struggling to do as nice as possible. When I see the sizing of the round balloons are wrong, I would burst them away and replace them with a new one. 

And attaching the foil to the balloons are so difficult too! Because they are so huge, so it’s a bit hard to maneuver around to tie them in. (Without the fear of bursting too) 

So yeah, it’s not easy to do all these balloon decorations, all you guys see are the end product or just the time lapses of the process. But every twist, tie or turns actually takes a load of practice to master.

But now very, very glad to have the luxury of using a $1000+ electronic balloon inflator, and all the professional tools and balloon equipments to make my life so much easier. Which I wasn’t about to in the past. 

Alright, thanks for reading and have a good night! Tomorrow I’ll be doing a balloon arch for Eastpoint shopping mall. Check it out! 

Dedicated to all the selfless nurses in the world

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture

Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.

-Val Saintsbury

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (6)

So I was invited to ITE nurse day celebration and I’m very honoured to be the one setting up the nurse balloon human sculpture for their stage presentation.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (5)
I did 2 nurses for them, so there’s decorations on both sides of the stage.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (4)

Here’s a nurse saying hello!

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (3)

There’s also a balloon column at the back of the nurse to add colour and volume to it.

Nurse day balloon nurse sculpture (2)

Thanks for reading! 😀

Rainbow balloon arch and columns

Hello guys! So I’m back from Thailand and when I was away, I’ve Norvin from http://www.mrpolkamagic.com/ And I must say he did a excellent job!

And thankfully the client was happy as well. Everything went smoothly because of Norvin. Thumb up to you! And thank you!

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