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Animal themed balloon backdrop design for my client!

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Check out my animal balloon backdrop display! It’s a balloon decoration that I did for my client’s booth at Expo!

More updates soon! 😀

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Balloon backdrop decorations
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Balloon sculpting & low balloon backdrop @ Mindchamps Singapore

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Hello, guys! Welcome to my blog once again!
Today I wish to share with you what I’ve done for a little girl’s birthday @ Mindchamps Singapore!

First off, the picture above I’ve done a low balloon backdrop for the front of the cake cutting table! Pretty awesome! Flows with the cake design!

And after the decorations, I am also hired to do balloon sculptures for the lovely children! And that’s it for the day! I’m always happy to do what I love and even happier when I’m able to make others happy when I’m able to!

Have a great week ahead! 😀

Low balloon backdrop for a local hospital!

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Special thanks for Thatballoons for engaging me to do up this backdrop for them! 

Balloon nurses!

Balloon doctors!

Balloon Backdrop decorations for Shatec & Junying Primary School

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Here’s the overview of the helium decoration for the venue! 

Thank you for having me to set up your balloon decorations for your important graduation. I’m really honoured to be doing for you guys.

So I was engaged to do a balloon backdrop, helium balloons and balloon alphabets for the backdrop.

So for this event, I got a new backdrop equipment which is extremely hard to set up! I took almost 2.5 hours for a 3.5m wide backdrop. 

Here’s the finished balloon backdrop! I think it’s a pretty impressive balloon decoration for any occasion! and with this pixel technique I’m able to create almost any design! I can create wordings, logos and many more! 

But this time I was asked to create a rainbow backdrop. and I thought vertical or horizontal arrangements are very usual. so I did a diagonal arrangement for this balloon backdrop and I think the outcome is really pretty. 

And this was the final design after adding on the alphabets! the only colour that I think will contrast with rainbow is gold and black. hence the colour choice for the balloon alphabets.  

And the client is very happy with the decorations! (Which I’m glad) and hopefully we will have more chances to work together! 

Alright! goodbye guys! check out my instagram and instagram stories for more daily updates!
Thanks for reading!

Balloon decorations for Lego Singapore, Singhub

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Lego Singapore!

Thank you so much for having us for the second time! We really had fun doing all these awesome sculptures! (without the risk of getting sued of copyright infringement of course.. haha..)

And here’s what I’ve done! Check out the pictures below!

I also used a new technique for the balloon backdrop that made the size super duper accurate! And of course with the help of my new $1000+ balloon electronic pump (I’m not joking about the price) the balloons are extremely well sized! Loving it!

My favourite sculptures in the picture is the buzz lightyear and the green alien!

Once again, thank you so so so much to Lego for having us again! We really hope to see you again next year!
Aright! Hope you guys enjoyed what I’ve done! See you tomorrow!

Singapore themed balloon backdrop for a wedding!

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I was reently hired to do a balloon backdrop for my client. And I drawn a proposal for him.

and he was happy with the proposal and decided to take it up!

drawing proposals are a key essential to help my client deciding whether to get the balloons or not as most of my client are getting balloon decorations for the first time. And some of them want customisation which it hard to show them by creating the balloon out and changing the design till it meets their expectation. so drawing it out would be the best solution!

check out the balloon decorations that I’ve done below! the tail of the merlion is the most awesome part of the entire piece. It took me around 4 hours to finish the tail!


Singapore themed balloon backdrop
singapore themed balloon backdrop with merlion
Singapore merlion balloon sculpture by Ouji Yeo

and since you’re here, check out my video of a decoration that I’ve did for a 18th year old birthday party.

18th birthday party by Artsyballoons


Chinese New Year Balloon Decorations

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Hi guys! Very soon, 2016 will be arriving. And on top of that, in about 2 months time, we will be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. It’s a time for lots of food, angbao and gatherings!

We will like to share with you some of the balloon decorations we have done for chinese new year, check them out.

The twin lion balloon by Jocelynballoons

These amazing balloon standees were done for our Prime Minister Lee’s CNY celebration.

twin balloon cny lion head

balloon yellow lion head

Sycees Golden Foil Balloon Column

The Sycees, better known as Yuan Bao, symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The entire balloon column is made with foil balloons, thus a definitely longer lifespan of over a month!

This balloon can last for 6 months!
This balloon lasted for months!

The Balloon Dragon Arch

This is one of my favorite balloon arch design as well as balloon decoration design.

Ouji with balloon dragon head

This balloon arch took me over 2 hours to complete, with most of the time spent on weaving the balloon dragon’s head, follow by it’s tail.

Balloon Dragon arch

The Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune)

He has been distributing the treasures of the earth, in the process bringing good fortune to those who invite him into their homes.

Ouji with balloon god of fortune CAI SHEN YE!

A complete balloon backdrop design for Chinese New Year

Chinese new year balloon decorations (4)