Christmas Balloon decorations for holiday Inn Singapore Orchard!

Hello everyone hope you have a wonderful Christmas! So if you have been to Holiday in Singapore you would have seen my balloon sculptures over there! And this is a gingerbread house balloon display!

Looked at the height!

And this is a 3 meter Plus tall Christmas tree!

And this Christmas tree at the lobby is almost 4.5 meters tall! Photo of me and my wife!

This is a photo of us constructing the balloon gingerbread house

Here is the picture of the Christmas tree at the lobby!

As you can see how tall the tree is my son on the left for scale! He is only one meter

And that is the tree when it was light up with bright lights!

And for this tree, we did a very special technique

And I swear this balloon technique takes so much time to

He took almost 600 balloons to construct the balloon gingerbread house!

When I was inside the balloon Christmas tree Shifting the position, I find this to be very fascinating, so I took a picture of It from the inside!

And that is also a balloon snowman and a balloon Santa

It took a lot of time to draw the face hope it doesn’t burst!

And as for the guests that are going back to the hotel, they would see this Christmas balloon decoration display outside!

And I swear this balloon sled decoration is so popular this year! I have already did for almost three separate events.

And I have constructed a balloon reindeer to pull the balloon sled

I think this is one of the cutest design for a balloon reindeer!

My wife went to on a ribbon on the neck, it is so cute!

And this is how it looks at night with the blinking LEDs!

And this is another display with the balloon Snowman and beside it is my son!

And this is another angle of the Snowman, balloon sled and balloon reindeer display!

And a big thank you to Holiday in Singapore for entrusting this project to me!

Balloon dancing mascot costume

Hi guys! Thanks for reading my post again, so recently I have done a mascot out of balloons, and the results are so amazing! I had so much fun completing this costume, and dancing with it! Check out the video above s it’s hard to visualize by reading.

So if you would like to create a mascot out of balloons, you can contact me as well! I am able to create anything out of balloons, you say it I’ll do it! Click on the link below for my contact.

Underwater theme balloon table centerpieces

Hello! Greetings! Welcome to my blog again! To today I was hired by Partymojo to create balloon table centerpieces for their client’s kids room!

And it was an underwater theme birthday so I created mermaids, crabs and all sorts of sea creatures to complement the theme!

One of my favorites will be the balloon mermaid sculpture and the turtle balloon sculpture! It’s so cute!

2D flat jumbo balloon heart display

Woah, this gotta be one of the hugest balloon heart that I’ve ever done before!

So I was engaged to create a balloon heart for a company talk (very important event)
And they wanted a huge and flat balloon heart and I thought of this technique! Pretty awesome!

So that’s my wife for scale, and you can see this heart is at least 2 meters tall!

My client was super pleased with it! So is all the guest! Great to hear that as usual! 😀

Balloon princess for a private birthday party @ China Club

hello everybody! I recently did a party decoration for a pair of twins! And it was perfect!

They were born in the year of the rabbit, and the mummy loves my balloon princess, so I suggested these 2 princess at the sides of the cake cutting table and both them hugging a balloon rabbit!

And the first picture is me scaled to the balloon princess!

Hope you enjoyed my artwork and creation! Have a great day! 😀

The 3 styles of rainbow arch + a very special rainbow arch I did for a shipping mall


Previously I written a post about rainbow balloon arches, and today I want explain and show styles of rainbow arches that I’ve created before!


This is the stack balloon rainbow style of arch. This style of arch shows simplicity but it packs a punch with the bright colours!


And this is the spiral balloon arch. Classic design and it has a very nice flow with the colours, spirally beautifully. This takes slightly more effort, as the formula for this arch is complicated. But as we’re experienced, we make it look easy. 😉


And this is the half rainbow arch. This is best for having a variation and playing around with the colours. And for that blue part you see on the arch, can be changed to other colours to suit the theme of the party or event. 🙂

So that’s the 3 kinds of rainbow arch that I personally created over the years.

But there’s this particular arch that we challenge ourselves to create.

Advancec 6 balloon spiral rainbow arch

Usually for a arch, it’s 4 balloon clusters stacked up. But for this arch it’s stacked with 6 balloons.

4 balloon cluster

Alright guys, hope you have a better understanding of rainbow balloon arches. Of course there’s many more styles and techniques to talk about more. But I shall share more next time in the future, meanwhile enjoy your stay here and happy twisting! 😀