Singapore Event Planner (Corporate)


Back in 2000 when Artsyballoon was founded by Ouji, he did many shopping mall events and corporate events for their balloon decorations exclusively. But as he did more events for corporate planning and entertainment for large companies, he ventured out into entertainment and planning for larger events.

So as entertainment and balloon decorations as our core business, we have worked with many event companies to create successful events for shopping malls and many events on a corporate level.


Having more than 4 years of experience in event planning, and partnering with multiple event planning in Singapore, Ouji is now confident in managing events that require the expertise of an event planner.

  • Planning the layout and floor plan of the venue
  • Managing the crowds and flow of the activities
  • Providing quality entertainment and services to the event
  • Unique balloon decorations to your event to add the “WOW” factor
  • Amaze your guest and shoppers with every meticulous detail and planning

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