Stage balloon decorations for McDonalds award ceremony

Stage balloon decorations
Stage balloon decorations

Hello everybody! I am really excited to share this with you guys as this is the first time I’m doing for McDonald’s!

As McDonald’s is one of my favorite food in this world I’m also very excited to do balloon decorations for them!

So as you can see the picture above
I did extremely complicated balloon decorations for the stage!

And what I love the most is the cardboard cutout off the humans and is on the helium balloons to make it alive!

This is the close up of the stage balloon decorations oh, look at the helium it’s so cute!

And this is another photo area for the employees! I have did the balloons at the top!

Thank you so much for reading my post! If you have a stage that needs to be decorated, please contact me!

Ouji Yeo


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Chinese New Year balloon sculpting

Chinese dragon balloon sculpture

Hello just to share with you some of the balloon sculpting that I’ve did for a birthday party!

So the picture above is one of my favorite sculptures that my wife did! It is a balloon dragon

And this is what I did is my client requested for a small balloon Phoenix! So I did a baby balloon Phoenix for them!

Does it look good?