Chinese New Year balloon sculpting

Chinese dragon balloon sculpture

Hello just to share with you some of the balloon sculpting that I’ve did for a birthday party!

So the picture above is one of my favorite sculptures that my wife did! It is a balloon dragon

And this is what I did is my client requested for a small balloon Phoenix! So I did a baby balloon Phoenix for them!

Does it look good?

Pokemon theme balloon backdrop decorations for birthday party!

Hello everyone! So recently I have did a balloon decorations for a birthday party!

And a theme of the decoration is Pokemon!

So at home I prepared Ash balloon sculpture the main character of the cartoon series!

Pokemon was my and still my favorite tattooed and game to this day! So I am very excited to create this for my client!

And these are the sculptures that the client requested! All these Pokemon balloon sculptures are so intricate and difficult to create! It took me almost 30 minutes for one sculpture!

And this is the final look!

Thank you so much for having me! And it was really fun and exciting to create this balloon sculpture and decorations for me as this is one of my favorite cartoon and game!