Chinese New Year balloon sculpting

Chinese dragon balloon sculpture

Hello just to share with you some of the balloon sculpting that I’ve did for a birthday party!

So the picture above is one of my favorite sculptures that my wife did! It is a balloon dragon

And this is what I did is my client requested for a small balloon Phoenix! So I did a baby balloon Phoenix for them!

Does it look good?

Merlion balloon sculpture for farewell party!

Merlion balloon sculpture
Here’s the Merlion!

Hello! Thanks for reading my blog again! So today I did a Merlion balloon sculpture for my client’s party balloon decorations!

So this merlion took a total of 20+ hours to complete with 2 person! (My wife and I)

Merlion balloon sculpture

But it’s really good accomplishment when we finished this balloon decoration as it’s really difficult to do!

It’s a big pity that there’s not enough space for me to add on the water sprouting out of the mouth of the Merlion, or it’ll be even more realistic and amazing.

But nonetheless, it’s still fun and enjoyable and most importantly my client loves it!

Thank you so much for having me!