Birthday Party Showtime!

Its Showtime! Featuring Singapore professional children magicians and entertainers for kids party. We have 3 in house packages for you as well as a highly recommended children magician Mr Rabbit’s Magic show.

Do note that our rates for public shows are $450 per 30 mins Man in Balloon Act – SHOW.

These are customized magic show rates with bonus balloon sculpting services for all birthday parties in Singapore.

These are family and children friendly shows:

1) We do not use poker playing cards for children parties

2) No abusive language or props will be used or displayed, you will be surprise some local “children magicians” from other companies does have rude behaviors.

3) Absolutely no dangerous stunts, no swords, no fire and no animal abuse as well

Man in Balloon Show Package: $550 (UP $600)
man in giant balloon
-30 mins of Magic & Man in giant Balloon show time

Spellbound by the balloon artistry and giggling in delight audiences marvel at this family-friendly show choreographed by your very own Ouji from Artsyballoons

Colourful 6-foot balloons bounce about as captivating music plays and audience participants having tons of fun. With every twist of the wrist, a swirl of a balloon and funny pun uttered, captivates the audience like a superstar performing on stage. Drawn in and mesmerized by the amazing balloon sculptures, parents and child are relaxing and enjoying the family moment. Tranquillity sets in; knowing that behind every twist and joke is a veteran entertainer ensuring that the unexpected pop will not deflate the fun.

This energetic balloon show is for all ages. Comedy, artistry, and music twisted into 30 minutes, children magic and balloon show.

Easy to book, easy to work with and realizes the stress of creating a program, Ouji is willing to work with you to develop a successful event.

The show had been unparalleled in family entertainment and audiences will see things they never dreamed possible with balloons.

Customize show for a theme, time, audience age, or points of interest at your event. Include special audience members to co-star in the performance.

Singapore’s famous Balloon show! The Giant balloon act!

Magic Show for Kids Party Package

Price: $380 (UP $430)

The booking of the 30 minutes magic show itself will cost $300. However for birthday parties, we work out a super good deal for parents to hire our magic show for their kids parties. You will be expecting lots of fun and laughter from our magic show and balloon sculpting kids party bundle. These are the highlights of the package:

  • 30 Mins Professional Magic Show
  • 1 Hour fun-filled Balloon Sculpting
  • Free cake cutting hosting


  • Add on $50 for live doves appearance
  • Add on $80 for live doves and live rabbit appearance!
Dove Magic
Dove Magic

 Professional Ventriloquism Puppet Show

Ventriloquism is the art-craft of changing one’s voice and make it appears to be coming out from elsewhere. The performer moves his/her mouth only a slight bit or does not even move at all.  Our ventriloquists have a full lineup of puppets that will entertain people of all ages. Modern professional ventriloquists utilise a variety of different types of puppets in their presentations, making the show highly entertaining and funny to watch. Artsyballoons works with some of the best ventriloquism puppet master in Singapore, bringing the most awesome shows to your party!

Explorer Joe and his trio of puppets promise a fun, entertaining and educational show for audiences young and old.

Ouji’s Balloon Game Show Bundle

The full details for this ultimate balloon game show bundle can be found on this balloon sculpting page.

mr ouji birthday balloon bundle

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