Just did a birthday party for my long time client!

Hello! Thanks for reading! I was hired for countless of times for this client of mine which I am so grateful for! And for her son’s special request, I did Superman balloon sculpture!

It was a great party because there was balloon sculpting, and magic show and the kids were so happy!

And here are two of the sculptures that I’ve taken photos of during my balloon sculpting session.

Here’s a penguin, this balloon sculpture is pretty popular because it looks really cute!

And the giraffe is one of my top 3 most popular balloon sculptures (Ribbit, elephant, giraffe) and I am so used to doing them that I can even do them with my eyes closed!

All right, that’s it for today and thank you so much for reading! Goodbye.

Birthday party event! Magic show + Balloon Sculpting!

Hello! It’s me, Ouji here from Artsyballoons, and we’ve recently did a birthday party at a childcare and it’s was awesome! The children are so cute and happy! So these are all the pictures below!


We did balloon sculpting for 1 hour, and it was amazing! As you can see in the picture, the children are so happy! The girls mostly got balloon butterflies, rabbits and flowers! While the boys all wanted swords and guns!


This magical 30 minutes has been amazing for the children. Because every single minutes, all the children are enjoying the humor and tricks from Mr Rabbit! With the awesome interaction with the kids, it’s one of the best 30 minutes the kids will ever have!

And here’s what I wish to share today for my balloon sculpting, magic show and party planning ideas! Thank you so much for reading!

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