Winnie the Pooh balloon decorations!

Hello guys! Thank you for reading my blog again! Been super busy for the past weekends. Now I’ve sometime to post a quick picture!

This is something that my wife has done for my client and it’s a Winnie the Pooh backdrop/photo backdrop!

the techniques used for the characters are amazing!

I will definitely post more and for more faster updates, check out my Instagram @Artsyballoons

Take care guys! 😀

Grand opening balloon decorations for Jollibee

balloon arch decorations for jollibee (2)
We’re honoured to be hired by Jollibee to create balloons arches and balloon columns for their grand opening!

We did balloon arches, balloon columns and tie some flower balloons around the venue! And the managers are very pleased with the decorations! As it really brings out the Jollibee colours!

The arch was the best as everyone felt welcomed when they entered the restaurant and it really attracted a lot of people! You can see the top picture that the queue extended all the way outside!

Overall, I’m very glad that I’m able to help them with their decorations again for the third time! Thank you for always trusting me with your grand events and important occasions!

Underwater theme balloon table centerpieces

Hello! Greetings! Welcome to my blog again! To today I was hired by Partymojo to create balloon table centerpieces for their client’s kids room!

And it was an underwater theme birthday so I created mermaids, crabs and all sorts of sea creatures to complement the theme!

One of my favorites will be the balloon mermaid sculpture and the turtle balloon sculpture! It’s so cute!

Wedding balloon decorations – a pair of advance columns with couple balloon doll

It’s wedding balloon decorations again this time!

So this time I was hired to create my signature pair of advance balloon columns (thin column style) with the wedding couple on the top! And if you look closely the eyes of the balloon bride and groom are opened! It takes a lot of effort to draw it!

I don’t use sticker people sometimes it just falls off easily. Haven’t found a way to really stick the eyes on very securely.

And also the columns is also a very special style which is thin in the middle if you noticed!

Natalie’s Onedèrland birthday party!

Hello! Here’s a 30 second video to sum up everything that I’ve done!

It was an extremely busy month for me this December, and it’s also pretty busy for me in January and February!

But today I want to show you something very cool that I did for my client!

See that reindeer? It took us a total of 4 hours to complete, and the sled is another 3 hours! (We didn’t sleep much that night)

But whatever, we are satisfied with the results and my client and her guests are amazed at the artwork!

But that’s not everything! I also did a pixel balloon backdrop customized to her theme’s color scheme. Added some snowflakes and the outcome was pretty awesome.

It was mainly used as a photo backdrop for their instant photo booth. Didn’t get to see how the photo turned out to be like, but seeing how many guests kept taking a photo with the backdrop, it should be pretty awesome. 😀