Insane balloon horse I did for turf city singapore

Does this horse look awesome? I hope it does because it took me almost 9 hours to weave it out balloons by balloons!

Took around almost 300 balloons and lots of hard work. I practically have hand aches after this event! but I’m trying very hard to shift and push myself to create more insane balloon sculptures. As I really wish to stand out from the rest! 

So that’s the horse on the table!

And here’s the back side of the horse! it’s a balloon artist pleasure to see the weaving connected perfectly without any different sizes of balloons in between! 

Finally, the awesome angle from the front! I’m really extremely glad that everything turned out right. as it’s my first few time using full weaving technique to create an entire sculpture. 

And I’m very sure I’ll be using this technique very often in the future! 

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day ahead! 😀